Did you know that the Vault-Tec/RobCo partnership is considered the most successful joint venture in the history of American industry?Vault 101 PA System

RobCo Industries was one of the largest and most influential computer and robotics corporations in the pre-War United States. The company’s name is either an abbreviation of “Robotics Corporation”, or was named after its founder, Robert House, the eventual master of New Vegas, or could potentially be a combination of the two.


Founded on June 25, 2042 by industrialist and inventor Robert House, RobCo quickly soared through the ranks of the world’s most profitable and powerful corporations, rivaling the likes of Poseidon Energy within several years. By 2077, RobCo’s patented software and robotics designs had become a cornerstone of American industry, as exemplified by the widespread use of RobCo’s Unified Operating System in most American computer systems in the years leading up to the Great War.

The company had numerous joint design and manufacturing ventures, including developing the Pip-Boy for Vault-Tec and the Liberty Prime project with General Atomics International and the U.S. Army. In 2075, RobCo purchased REPCONN Aerospace, allowing the company to enter the aerospace industry. It also owned Abraxodyne Chemical.


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