RobCo Fun is a perk magazine and holotape series in Fallout 76.


RobCo Fun is a pre-War computer magazine series produced by RobCo Industries. Each issue comes with a holotape game. Despite the Robco branding on the magazines, the games themselves are products of various studios such as Planned Diversion Programming and Hubris Comics Game Studio. The cover art depicts imagery advertising the particular game it is bundled with. The art work is not indicative of gameplay. Issues of RobCo Fun cost $40.


Collecting an issue of RobCo Fun adds a holotape to the player's inventory. The holotape can be used at any time, provided it is in the player's inventory, and it can be played on either the Pip-Boy or on any terminal.

Issues of RobCo Fun are affected by Pannapictagraphist and will emit directional audio when the player is in range.

Magazine issuesEdit

Game Issue Magazine Base ID Holodisk Base ID
Atomic Command Issue 7 0037ab42 002345ce
Automatron ? 0037a69e 001683df
Grognak & the Ruby Ruins Issue 12 00379e14 002345cf
Nuka Tapper ? 0006f7d0 004ed368
Pipfall Issue 9 00379abc 002345d7
Red Menace Issue 15 00379abf 002345eb
Wastelad ? 0037954f 00524b4c
Zeta Invaders Issue 7 003792ab 002345f6


  • The magazines are randomly found throughout Appalachia, including a selection of potential spawn points.
  • The Nuka Tapper holotape can be found inserted in the first terminal encountered in Vault 76, but the magazine will not accompany it.


Many of the Robco Fun magazines in Fallout 76 share identical titles and cover art to their Fallout 4 counterparts. For these magazines, The Art of Fallout 4 has clean versions of the cover art which include a visible issue number.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The comic name and the fact it has a game inside it is a reference to Amiga Fun, a comic that gave away free games much like RobCo Fun does.
  • Zeta Invaders is a reference to Mothership Zeta, a Fallout 3 add-on and location.


Cover imagesEdit


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