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RobCo Auto-Cache #001 is an unmarked location within Gauley Mine in Appalachia. It is the site of a rumored treasure associated with Crane.


A unfinished RobCo Industries project undergoing construction sometime before the Great War, the RobCo Auto-Cache (a name still undergoing finalization) was the first and only facility constructed out of a planned series, with the test site operated by employees George and "K". It was unpopular with the company CEO Robert House, who wanted the project's resources to be used for a "personal project" of his own.[1]

Incredibly rushed, the Auto-Cache project advertised itself as "a repository as smart as you!", an alternative to Vault-Tec Vaults. It utilized RobCo's patented "Easy-Access Eye" to scan and register the user's Pip-Boy 2000 series Pip-Boy,[2] giving them access to a large repository. As advertised, it would have been capable of storing and securing everything in an incredibly convenient manner,[3] from stocks to weapons to luxuries, without the need of human guards.[4] The other main attraction of the facility was the RobCo Mega-Dispenser. This dispenser machine set was designed to accept specially-made tokens (only one of which was ever made, as a testing object) and dispensing a variety of weapons.

The reason for the rush came from the project's timeline: George claimed the project would take six months to make presentable, but the company moved up their first customer tour to be in just two weeks. K, recognizing that House would use any reason to shutter the project, tried to push George to action, with no success; none of the advertised materials or the sample supplies were finished or stocked, despite K's instructions to George.[5][6][7][8] As a result, House canceled the project entirely, ordering for the site to be closed and sealed off. K, displeased, ordered George to wipe their terminal logs before leaving, which George also did not do.[9]

After the Great War, an adventurer by the name of Crane came into possession of a map of the facility, as well as the code to access the storage. However, he lacked the Pip-Boy to obtain access to the area. His exploits would inspire many others to attempt to capture him and obtain his treasure.[10]


Notable loot[]


While having the appearance of a vendor that should dispense randomized loot, the vendors give the same exact items every time a player character completes the quest. The vendors give the following when choosing to redeem the token:

Vendor Type Weapon Effect 1 Effect 2
Energy Weapon Laser Pistol Furious +10% Damage While Aiming
Shotgun Pump-action Suppressor's +25% faster fire rate
Rifle Hunting Rifle Anti-Armor V.A.T.S. critical shots do +50% damage
Pistol .44 Pistol Two-Shot Bashing damage increased by 40%
Unarmed Knuckles Vampire +40% more power attack damage
Two-handed Melee Sledgehammer Bloodied 40% Faster Swing Speed
One-Handed Melee Sickle Executioner Reflects 50% of melee damage while blocking


RobCo Auto-Cache #001 appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


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