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Rob's journal is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update. It is written by Rob.


The note can be found in Marys Rock Tunnel (located on the road south of the Makeout Point and north of the Hemlock Springs dump). It is next to a lantern at a barricade marked with "SOS" with a dead Lost nearby.



Been walking for days and Miles is getting on everyone's nerves. The guy just doesn't know when to let things go, I swear. There'll be more food to scavenge at the next place, not like it's our fault he dropped his supplies when those dogs chased us back there.

If anything he should be thanking Rebecca for taking the blasted things out...

To be expected I suppose, we're all on edge since we set foot in Shenandoah with that freaky storm looming at the center.

Craig keeps pushing us toward that manor just under the eye of the storm, but I got a bad feeling about this...

It's bad juju is all I'm saying.