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I oughta toss you off this ship for what you did, but the boss says Rivet City has to forgive and forget. Still, I'm watching you.

The Rivet City Security Force[1] serves as the security and police force of Rivet City. It is led by Chief Harkness and second in command is Commander Lana Danvers.


Security Chief Harkness and his officers are authorized to use deadly force when dealing with any and all transgressors.Fallout 3 loading screen

The force is made of Rivet City citizens in good standing who know how to handle firearms and were paid with free food.[1] More security guards than police, the members of force guard key points within the city, such as the bridge into the city and the market, as well as patrolling the ship's corridors for troublemakers.

Prior to the victory of Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel in their war with the Enclave in 2277, the main threats to the city included the mirelurk, super mutants, Slavers and raiders. The former were a constant threat that the force would have continuous teams try to keep the lower decks clear of the mutants.[2] The latter three's increased activity in the downtown Washington, D.C. ruins are prompts for the force to resume combat training.[2] Post-victory, the Security Force was used to supplement the Water Distribution Network, guarding the water caravans from Project Purity.

The exchange was mutually beneficial at first, but the increased number of caravans eventually stretched Rivet City's military power to its limits, especially as raider attacks became more organized due to the leadership of Split Jack.[3] The situation got so bad that eventually only one in four caravans made it back intact, draining Rivet City's resources and ranks of veteran security officers at an alarming rate.[4][5] The losses caused by the raider attacks have led to officers in charge questioning Lyons' policy of giving the water out for free, instead of selling it so that caravan drivers can use the markup to pay for protection.[6]

If there are physical conflicts between the residents of the city, they would intervene, and fine those who were caught stealing.[7] However, their enforcement is lackluster. They seem to have a rather laid-back attitude towards their job, informing the player character that if "someone steals something from you, take it back. If someone shoots at you, shoot back" and stating that they will only intervene against crimes they personally witness. They do, however, become hostile towards and hunt down anyone seen committing acts of violence against Rivet City inhabitants (e.g. the player character). All of the Rivet City security guards carry a "hangar key" to the marketplace. If killed, generic security guards will eventually respawn after 72 hours.



The 10mm SMG is the standard-issue firearm for all Rivet City security officers. They have excellent training with small guns however, therefore they will often appropriate a better weapon from Flak 'N Shrapnel's or a dead foe. Officers sent on caravan duty are also issued grenades. In terms of protection the officers are issued with a customized set of combat armor.

Broken Steel

In Broken Steel, Rivet City security can be seen acting as guards for the Water Caravans transporting Aqua Pura from Project Purity to the rest of the Capital Wasteland. Each water caravan is usually accompanied by 2 Rivet City security guards armed with 10mm SMGs. If spoken to, these guards often express concern over water caravan duty, stating that it is a suicide mission. Indeed, these caravans often fall victim to attacks by super mutants, Enclave, wildlife, raiders, and the Wasteland's various other hostile inhabitants. The security guards will also have a water crate key in their inventory along with the hangar key.

Water caravans also sometimes have Brotherhood of Steel Initiates or Knights instead of Rivet City security as guards. These heavier-armed caravans tend to perform better when ambushed by hostiles.


  • If crime is committed, waiting 72 hours will result in all guards remember the crime. However they are not hostile and simply say "I oughta throw you off this ship for what you did, but the boss says Rivet City has to forgive and forget". Harkness has similar dialogue, albeit stating that he'll "let you go just this once".
    • Killing the guard on Mothership Zeta results in the same comment noted above although one does not have to wait 72 hours until they are non-hostile again.
  • If the player steals a certain number of items (it does not seem to have to be from Rivet City), the guards will know about it, occasionally saying things like "You're a lowlife, but if you keep your nose clean from now on and we'll let you stay."
  • The guards and Harkness will, at times, also tell other non-player characters to "keep their nose clean" or "they oughta toss them off the ship for what they did".
  • Every now and then, one can see a guard at Potomac Attire, telling Bannon to inform them whenever he gets new things in.
  • If the player character kills Allistair Tenpenny with a headshot, the guards at Rivet City will discuss the event with people.

Notable quotes


  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Occasionally Rivet City guards can be found elsewhere in the wasteland wandering aimlessly around. The Super-Duper Mart, a common spawn point for many a non-player character, supports this spawn point for Rivet City guards for unspecified reasons. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 When you are fully hidden, and kill a Rivet City Officer when no one is around, other security officers will become hostile to you, until you return 24 hours later. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes when you save at the top of the Washington Monument, then fast travel to Rivet City, kill the guard at the entrance, reload your save and fast travel to Rivet City again, the guard will be hostile as if you attacked them. Killing the guard again and then reloading the save should take care of this problem. [verified]


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