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The Rivet City Council Minutes is a note in Fallout 3.


It is added to the player's Pip-Boy during the Wasteland Survival Guide after asking Bannon, Vera Weatherly or Father Clifford about the city's history, completing the objectional objective by talking to Belle Bonny and then asking Pinkerton about its history.

The player can also receive the note (and Rivet City historical record item) by reading the City Founders Log entry on Pinkerton's terminal in the Rivet City bow while The Replicated Man is active as well and progressed to the stage of "Find out what Pinkerton at Rivet City knows about the android." Pinkerton will give his passcode to the terminal and the Founders Log entry can be read.


April 25, 2239
Inaugural Meeting of the Rivet City Council

In attendance:
Science Rep. - Dr. Horace Pinkerton
Civilian Rep. - Annette Holmes
Security Rep. - Brad Danvers

As the Rivet Station Science Outpost has displayed significant stability in its location and reliable profitability for supply traders, a burgeoning civilian settlement has sprung up in the available space on our ship.

To better protect and organize this growing community, we declare a three man council will act as a governing body to represent the interests of the residents of the newly dubbed "Rivet City."

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