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Chief Harkness meets with Doctor Li and Bannon to discuss security matters. It's a waste of a good Monday morning if you ask me. They should just let Chief Harkness call the shots.Commander Danvers

The Rivet City Council is the governing body of Rivet City.


The council founded "to better protect and organize this growing community" on April 25, 2239, by Dr. Horace Pinkerton, Annette Holmes and Brad Danvers. Pinkerton is still alive and will give the player a note if spoken to during Wasteland Survival Guide when asked about the history of Rivet City.

When the player first arrives at Rivet City, the members are Harkness, security representative; Bannon, civilian representative; and Dr. Madison Li, science representative.

It is possible for Lana Danvers to replace Harkness after completing The Replicated Man in favor of Dr. Zimmer, however she does not always assume the role. During the unmarked quest Council Seat, the player is given the opportunity to either secure Bannon's seat in the council, or remove and replace him with Seagrave Holmes.

Notable members


With Broken Steel, Dr. Madison Li will leave for the Commonwealth, but if one talks with Bannon or Harkness, they claim to serve on the council with her, acting as if she were still present.

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