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The ritual bindings and ritual mask are an outfit set in Fallout 76.


The ritual bindings were designed by the Cult of the Mothman and consist of brown rags tied around the wearers arms and legs.

The ritual mask is headgear used by the Cult of the Mothman in Appalachia. It consists of a brown headwrap, tied together with a decayed human skull used as a mask and two antlers on either side of the head.


Ritual bindings

  • One can be found in the secret ritual area under the Mothman Museum. It requires a level two Picklock skill or the bathroom key to access.
  • One can be found in the basement of a house north of Wilson Brother's Auto Repair, lying against an altar.
  • One can also be found in the Lucky Hole Mine, found next to a ritual mask, in one of the two yellow bins.
  • One is located inside a blue bin next to a wood stove in the cabin of Johnson's Acre.

Ritual mask

  • One can be found in the basement of the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant. The player character must have a Picklock skill of at least 2 in order to access the door.
  • One can be found deep inside the Lucky Hole Mine, on top of a control panel in a room located behind the altar.
  • One is located inside the cabin on top of a dresser in Johnson's Acre.
  • One can be found at Watoga Municipal Center, on top of a set of lockers on the second floor.
  • Sometimes sold by the general goods variant Sunny at Foundation.