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Rite of Passage is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthrough

Far Harbor side quest: Rite of Passage
Talk with Teddy Wright and agree to his suggestion.
Travel to Emmet's Causeway.
Drop a piece of meat in the water.
Kill the 3 mirelurks.
Drop another piece of meat in the water.
Kill the 3 mirelurks.
Kill the mirelurk queen.
Return to Teddy Wright.
Reward:350+ XP
600 caps
The Captain's Hat
The Captain's Feast
Leads to: The Changing Tide

Detailed walkthrough

Upon completion of the Living on the Edge quest, Teddy Wright will initiate conversation, explaining that Harbormen's respect is difficult to earn. He does know that the easiest way to earn their respect is to complete "The Captain's Dance," a trial originally used to appoint the captain of Far Harbor, in which the Island throws its most dangerous creatures at the participant. One of the residents of Far Harbor, Dottie, will be there to witness the "Captain's Dance" and testify to the rest of the settlement about the heroic feat.

After heading to the northwestern part of the map to Emmet's Causeway, a small swamp between Rayburn Point and Briney's Bait and Tackle, the Sole Survivor must drop raw meat into the water, causing mirelurks to appear. After defeating the mirelurks, drop the meat into the water again and kill more mirelurks and mirelurk kings. Dropping meat into the water a third time causes a mirelurk queen to attack.

After defeating the mirelurk queen and returning to Far Harbor, Teddy will reward the player character with the Captain's Hat and the Captain's Feast.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Drop meat in the waterIn order to do the "Captain's Dance," I need to go to Emmet's Causeway and drop fresh meat in the water to whip the local wildlife into a frenzy.
200 Kill the MirelurksI've started the Captain's Dance and have enraged local mirelurks. I need to dispatch them.
300 Drop more meat in the waterWith the mirelurks killed, I have to drop more meat in the water to further enrage the local wildlife for the Captain's Dance.
325 Kill the MirelurksEven more mirelurks have been attracted by my chumming. I need to attract even bigger game to find something worthy of the Captain's Dance.
375 Kill the mirelurk queenAfter I killed another wave of mirelurks, a mighty Mirelurk Queen has appeared. If I kill this magnificent specimen the Captain's Dance will be complete.
400 Return to Teddy WrightI survived my battle with the Mirelurk Queen. I should go back to Far Harbor and let Teddy know I've completed the Captain's Dance.
500Quest finishedTalked to TeddyI've faced one of the terrifying behemoths of the island and earned Far Harbor's respect by doing the Captain's Dance. Teddy's crazy plan worked.
600Quest finishedQuest Completed
9000Quest failedQuest Failed


  • Besides helping Captain Avery, only part one of Blood Tide and Hull Breach need be completed to trigger this quest.
  • This quest must be completed to open up more Far Harbor side quests.
  • Once the player character drops the raw meat, it will float away and they will not be able to pick it up again.
  • It is possible for an enemy to spawn underground making it troublesome to finish the quest.
  • Cooked meat will not work to trigger the mirelurk attacks.


PCPC If this quest and Hunting the Hunter are both active and waiting to be "turned in" at the same time, Teddy Wright may not respond properly after giving his speech at the end. The Sole Survivor will confusingly greet him as Dejen and he will say only a single line of dialogue without entering the conversation, leaving the "Return to Teddy Wright" objective active. This can be fixed by talking to Dejen and closing out "Hunting the Hunter" first, then returning to Far Harbor and talking to Teddy again, which will then complete this quest properly.[verified]

Behind the scenes

A rite of passage is a celebration of the passage which occurs when an individual leaves one group to enter another.