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The Ripper is a melee weapon with a rotating chain-blade, resembling a miniature, one-handed chainsaw. Invented by the Ripper™ company, the first Ripper was powered by small energy cells, though later models were self-powered. It can saw through both flesh and metal alike with ease.


Developed before the Great War, the Ripper was likely originally designed as a power tool for cutting foliage and butchering meat, before being adapted as a devastatingly powerful melee weapon used by military organizations, such as the Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, etc.


Ripper vibrobladeEdit

Fo1 Ripper

The first Ripper, a Ripper vibroblade created by Ripper™. There are a number of steel teeth that rotate extremely fast, but only for a short period of time due to excessive energy consumption. This allows the Ripper vibroblade to easily cut through flesh and bone. A smaller, more portable version also exists.

Military RipperEdit

Ripper FO3

An unnamed self-powered model of the Ripper, used by the East coast force of the Enclave. It uses a self-sustained power supply, and thus doesn't require any additional fuel, allowing it to be used for long periods of time without needing to be recharged. It also ignores Damage Resistance as well as Damage Threshold.

Small teeth RipperEdit


An unnamed self-powered model of the Ripper with smaller teeth, resembling a large kitchen knife. Like the Military Ripper, it also has unlimited power, and can even be superheated to increase damage.

Monster RipperEdit

Monster Ripper

A larger, two-handed version of the Ripper, resembling an enormous claymore sword. Like the small teeth Ripper, it requires no recharging and can be superheated to increase damage.