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For an overview of Ripper models in the Fallout series of games, see Ripper (weapon).

The Ripper is a melee weapon found in Fallout 3.


Rare compared to other melee weapons in Fallout 3, the Ripper is unique in that the player can hold down the attack button and an enemy at melee range will continuously receive damage. However, The Pitt add-on adds a weapon with identical functionality, the auto axe. You can use a Ripper to repair an auto axe. Also, in V.A.T.S., it will often deal an instant kill.


The Ripper can successfully strike about 400 times from full condition before breaking.


  • Jack - Jack is identical to the Ripper in raw damage, but more durable and has the ability to score critical hits. It also does an additional 50% damage to limbs.


Icon melee- Weapon name (melee or unarmed)Icon sequence- Attacks in V.A.T.S.
Icon gun- Weapon name (gun, energy or explosive)Icon action- Action point cost
Icon damage- Damage per attack (damage per projectile)Icon dap- Damage per action point
Icon dps- Damage per secondIcon spread- Weapon spread
Icon explosion- Area of effect damageAssault carbine extended magazines- Magazine capacity (shots per reload)
Icon effect- Effect damage & durationIcon repair- Durability (number of attacks before breaking)
Icon bonus effect- Bonus effectsIcon weight- Weight
Icon attack- Attacks per secondIcon merchant- Value in caps
Icon chance- Critical chance % multiplierIcon ratio- Value to weight ratio
Icon critical damage- Critical damageIcon ability- Skill required
Icon crit effect- Critical effect damage & durationIcon fist- Strength required
Icon plus- With all mods attached
Icon meleeIcon damageIcon dpsIcon bonus effectIcon attackIcon chanceIcon critical damageIcon actionIcon dapIcon repairIcon weightIcon merchantIcon ratio
Ripper 30
Jack 30
30x1.5 limb Icon damage1x115650.9533620033.3
Note: Melee damage is doubled in V.A.T.S.



  • The Ripper does not require an energy source, though it seems to deteriorate quite quickly when in use.
  • The blade and teeth of the Ripper are covered in blood, suggesting previous use.
  • The Ripper does not have a trigger or button to activate it, leaving how it is controlled a mystery.


PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Sometimes when using the Ripper and then dropping it, the audio for the Ripper will continue to play. This bug usually fixes itself after about 2 minutes; however, if it does not stop, loading another save file will fix it.[verified]


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