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(whispering) Hey! Please get me out of here. Please! Get me out of here and I'll pay you back someday. I don't have anything to give you now, but if you ever visit my town Great Bend, just ask for Ripley and I swear I'll make it up to you. Please... please don't let them touch me again!

Ripley is a citizen of Great Bend encountered by the Brotherhood of Steel in Freeport in 2197.


Ripley was captured and enslaved by raiders and was kept in the same camp as Charon.

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She begs the Warrior to free her, and promises to repay them if they ever go to her city. The Warrior either frees her or keeps her for interrogation. Later, Ripley returns to her hometown, Great Bend, and lives there until the Calculator's robots come, killing everyone. When the Warrior and his team arrive at the junkyard in Great Bend, they find her dead body, along with a few books on it.



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Great Bend


  • In some of the dialogue files, Ripley is said to be a captive from the town of Irvine.
  • Setting her free during the mission results in rebuke from General Barnaky.


Ripley appears only in Fallout Tactics.