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Keep your distance long and kill count high. Though this only requires a Perception of 2, increasing this to a much greater degree allows you to spot and remove foes at a greater range, which is what these weapons are designed to do. Be certain you know which weapons nonautomatic rifles are; the Weapons chapter lists them all.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide description

Rifleman is a perk in Fallout 4.


Increased damage from attacks with non-automatic rifles, increased chance to cripple limbs, and partial negation of target's damage.


Rank Requirements Description Form ID
1 PER 2 Keep your distance long and your kill-count high. Attacks with non-automatic rifles do 20% more damage. 0004A0B6
2 PER 2, LVL 9 Attacks with non-automatic rifles do 40% more damage and ignore 15% of a target's armor. 0004A0B7
3 PER 2, LVL 18 Attacks with non-automatic rifles do 60% more damage and ignore 20% of a target's armor. 0004A0B8
4 PER 2, LVL 31 Attacks with non-automatic rifles do 80% more damage and ignore 25% of a target's armor. They also have a slight chance of crippling a limb. 0006FA20
5 PER 2, LVL 46 Attacks with non-automatic rifles do double damage and ignore 30% of a target's armor. They also have a slightly higher chance of crippling a limb. 00065E52

Rank 4 gives a 6% chance to cripple the limb you hit. Rank 5 increases this to an 8% chance. In addition, if Nuka-World is installed, Rifleman now becomes a crafting perk, mainly required for the non-automatic variant of the handmade rifle.

Affected weapons

Whether or not eligible weapons receives a bonus from this perk depends on the mods attached. A non-automatic receiver must be in place. For weapons that are pistols/revolvers in their basic state, a full size shoulder supported stock/grip must be in place (the automatic name generation must label the weapon a rifle, shotgun or scattergun, and not a pistol).

Damage total

Since the actual damage dealt is affected by damage-to-armor ratio, we can analyze how both damage increase and armor reduction affects real damage.

The following calculation assumes no criticals (which scale differently than how sneak attack multiplier scales):

These equations assume that the resultant damage-to-armor ratio doesn't exceed 6.45 (that the resulting damage of the weapon is at most 6.45 times the resulting armor value of the enemy).

Rifleman LVL Damage X Armor X Ignored Armor Damage X
0 1.00 1.00 1.000
1 1.20 1.00 1.283
2 1.40 0.85 1.681
3 1.60 0.80 2.062
4 1.80 0.75 2.480
5 2.00 0.70 2.937

Note: "X" represents the multiplier of this component.


Despite the perk and loading screen description listing non-automatic rifles as receiving the perk's advantages, it also includes shotguns in its affected weapons list.