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Guide the Blue Ridge Caravan Co. through the Big Bend Tunnel

Event: Riding Shotgun is an event in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.

Quick walkthrough

Guide the Blue Ridge Caravan Co. through the Big Bend Tunnel.

Detailed walkthrough

The event is started by talking to Vinny Costa at the Big Bend Tunnel East entrance in the Cranberry Bog. The player character can tell him they are there to help guard the caravans moving through the tunnel. Once the event starts, one will be assigned to guard Carver Timmerman, Eugenie, or Rudy Fernandez alongside Blue Ridge guard Libby Wen, Kieran Kennedy, or Aries. The event consists of moving through the tunnel, fighting waves of Blood Eagles whose main goal is to kill the two brahmin being escorted by the player character and the chosen merchant and guard. Throughout the entire journey, one can find four lost supplies that can be picked up to give a small boost to the reward. The lost supplies are in Blue Ridge Caravan crates usually just off the main tunnel the convoy goes down, but are potentially randomized during each run, so checking a spot where one was found in a previous attempt may not have one there on the next attempt.

There are three stops along the way where the player character will defend the caravan against the Blood Eagle attack. At the first stop, one will have to wait for their Blue Ridge guard escorting the Brahmin with them to detonate a small explosive to clear a Blood Eagle barricade. At the middle stop, fighting a legendary Blood Eagle captain along with a medium-sized squad of Blood Eagles is required. Be careful as the Blood Eagle Captain sports a heavy automatic weapon, usually a minigun. Once this is complete, a quest objective will appear telling one to open the gate for the caravan. This is a good time to begin searching for the lost supplies, as no Blood Eagles will attack during this period, but the player character will have to be fast as the quest is still on a timer to complete before being automatically failed if they don't finish it in time.

After the gate is open, Blood Eagles will appear at one more stop afterward. Following the last stop, one will walk a short distance and find the exit. The event ends once the caravan reaches the exit. The biggest threat to the brahmin will be the mongrels that will run up to bite the brahmin, while the Blood Eagle infantry will usually be inaccurate with their weapons while taking cover to avoid return fire, though those Blood Eagles packing automatic weapons should take priority over the ones using semi-auto fire, along with any that are using melee weapons to attack the brahmin up close with the mongrels.

The amount of XP and caps rewarded is dependent on the number of the remaining brahmin. Each of the four possible supplies collected provides an extra 50 XP and 10 caps, but doesn't affect the chance to obtain rare rewards.


Event: Riding Shotgun

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Speak with the guard before the caravan departs
Listen to Instructions
Protect the caravan Brahmin
Escort the caravan
Follow the caravan to the exit
Defeat the Blood Eagles
Secure the area while the guard detonates the barricade
Defeat the Blood Eagle Captain
Unlock the cargo door
Survive the Blood Eagle onslaught
Kill the remaining Blood Eagles
Front Brahmin's Health
Back Brahmin's Health
(Optional) Collect Lost Supplies <Variable=SupplyCount> / 4

Behind the scenes

According to quest designer Carl McKevitt, Riding Shotgun was designed with the goal of making an event that "made the world feel like it was living in real time." The quest initially featured simple "caravan guards" who were later fleshed out into the Blue Ridge Caravan Company.[1]