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You Hub officials make me sick! Inspecting my bosses' vault! What's next, higher taxes? Can't a man earn an honest living anymore without you bureaucrats trying to control everything? One of these days we're going to take a stand. Yeah, one of these days the common man is going to give you fatcats a knee to the balls like you deserve. One of these days we'll get you real good' I can't wait' By the way, it's not meant personal. I know you're just doing your job. I'll get out of your face while you do your inspection. Bye.— Richie

Richie is a citizen of the Hub in 2161.


Richie was to be a guard for Lorenzo Giovanni and the Friendly Lending Company. He also served as a means to enter Lorenzo's bank vault without having the needed skill in Lockpick, by bluffing as a Hub vault inspector when confronting him.[1]

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Clean out the Loan Shark


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Richie was to appear in Fallout, but was cut before release.


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