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Stuff? I could teach you how to fight...if you had any ability. But the High Elder decreed no training of new recruits until the threat of invasion passes.

Rhombus is the head paladin and head knight[2] of the Lost Hills chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout.


A powerful presence wherever he appears, Rhombus is stern, stoic, and rather gruff. He has little tolerance for frivolity and is a very demanding teacher for those willing to learn. These qualities make him one of the finest warriors of the Brotherhood and an excellent Head Paladin.[Non-game 1]

He ascended to this position after General Maxson II was killed in a skirmish with the Vipers. After John Maxson ascended to the position of high elder, Rhombus became head paladin. Although he was considered firm, he was nonetheless an effective soldier.[3] He personally led the vicious campaign of retaliation against the Vipers, breaking their strength and pushing them out of most of California, leading to full trade relations with the Hub after the month-long campaign concluded. Apart from his duties as a teacher, he also enforces the High Elder's wishes, by force, if necessary.[4]

After the death of John Maxson, Rhombus is a key figure in determining the course of the Brotherhood, establishing it as a major research and development house in New California, keeping it outside the political struggles of the region.[5]

If Rhombus were to die in 2161, his death is described as bringing about a "Steel Plague" that could last one thousand years.[6] However, this reality ultimately did not come to be.[7]

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Notable quotes[]


Rhombus appears in Fallout as a talking head. The character also makes a non-canonical appearance in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, in addition to being mentioned in the Fallout Bible.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Rhombus is the name for a parallelogram having all sides of equal length. Variations of the shape are called diamonds, lozenges, or rhombs.
  • In the script listing, Rhombus is identified not as head paladin, but the "Armsmaster for the Brotherhood of Steel".[8]
  • An early version of Rhombus' talking head character model appeared in a Fallout preview video for PC Action. Rhombus' clay head seems to have taken an extra amount of work to reach the final version, as it started without his distinctive facial hair, though the base geometry was largely retained. Additionally, the early Rhombus had what appears to be a tattoo on the right side of the neck, with the area completely obscured by shadows in the release version.



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    Rhombus is the head of the military arm of the Brotherhood, and a teacher of young knights. Gruff, stern, and stoic, he will tolerate no nonsense. He can be a good source of information about people within the Brotherhood"