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Revere is a pre-War city, serving as a raider encampment in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Before the Great War, Revere Beach Boardwalk was a place where families and vacationers could come and have fun during the summer months.[Non-canon 1] Gangs of greasers racing their muscle cars drove out most of the polite folks. The boardwalk turned into a hangout for this unsavory element. Centuries later, these miscreants are long since gone, but have been replaced with an even more dangerous nuisance, a raider gang led by Cinder.[Non-canon 2]


The city itself has several marked and unmarked locations, including Gibson Point Pier, Reeb Marina, Revere Beach station, and the Revere Satellite Array. The territory also has "static" and "travel" random encounter spots.

The boardwalk built along the shoreline has three main points of interest, including the ice cream parlor, garage, and arcade. The ice cream parlor, on the south side of the boardwalk, is a simple two-story building with a counter out front. The garage is west of the ice cream parlor, across the street, and must be accessed by walking up the fallen tree to the roof and dropping down. The garage contains a power armor station.

The arcade is farther north, just northeast of the subway station, and consists of three floors. The first and second floors contain a number of arcade games, while the third floor is a residential loft that contains a cooking station.


  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated at two locations: at the beginning of the Revere Beach boardwalk and in Revere Beach station, at the end of the tunnel raider encampment.
Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait Boardwalk "I remember findin' an ancient document sayin' that you can have fun under the boardwalk. Doesn't look safe to me."
Revere Beach station "What is it with Raiders and tunnels? Is it some kind of a Freudian thing?"
Codsworth Boardwalk "This must have been quite the pleasant boardwalk back in the day. Vendors, tourists, maybe even a little live entertainment."
Revere Beach station "Oh, this is where we turn around, right, sir/mum?"
Curie Boardwalk "Revere Beach. Are we going to vacation here?"
Revere Beach station "Who knew the beach was so very dangerous?"
Danse Boardwalk "It's impressive that this oversized wooden walkway is still intact."
Revere Beach station "If you intend to head through that tunnel, we'll have to take down those Raiders first."
Deacon Boardwalk "Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine... Ocean waves, people... I just can't picture it."
Revere Beach station "God damn it. Raiders. And here I just wanted a quiet day at the beach."
John Hancock Boardwalk "How long you think before the sea takes all this back?"
Revere Beach station "Those Raiders blocking the exit? And here I thought this trip was gonna be dull."
Robert MacCready Boardwalk "All I want to know is where I can find some saltwater taffy."
Revere Beach station "Raiders sure know how to keep you on your toes, don't you think?"
Nick Valentine Boardwalk "Raiders around here are awful sour for having such a pleasant view."
Revere Beach station "Leave it to Raiders to ruin a lovely stroll."
Piper Wright Boardwalk "Can't believe people used to vacation here. I guess folks in your day must've enjoyed a little frostbite."
Revere Beach station "Damn. Raiders. So, around? Or through?"
Preston Garvey Boardwalk "So people used to come to the beach on purpose, back in the old days? I've never understood the appeal."
Revere Beach station "They're dug in pretty good. Nothing we can't handle though."
X6-88 Boardwalk "Doctor Karlin thinks the world's oceans are probably filled with huge, mutated sea creatures."
Revere Beach station "Raider strongpoint. Might not be worth the trouble."


Revere appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Revere is a real city in Suffolk County, Massachusetts.



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    Those hoping to vacation on the eastern shores of the Commonwealth would do well to pack a copious supply of ammunition and have trained long and hard for this outing, as the threat level of the roaming miscreants in this zone is deemed “most dangerous.” The township of Revere has been razed by Raiders. Nahant offers quiet walks interspersed with carnage, courtesy of ferals. Up north, Salem long continues its reputation for horror. Farther inland, toward East Boston and the airport, the ferociousness of your foes lessens just a little. The Brotherhood of Steel's imminent arrival at the airport should provide a brief respite should you agree to ally with them. Finally, those brave to dip their toes in the ocean may find one or two surprises under the waves."
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    Nowadays, if you fancy a stroll along the boardwalk with the sea breeze in your hair, you may need to remove the band of Raiders occupying this area."
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