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Reuben Gill - 21021023 is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Nuclear Winter.


The tape can be found inside Vault 51, on a bureau in a bedroom to the northwest. This holotape requires overseer rank 41. Before Patch 13, the requirement was rank 81.


ZAX: Recording. Overseer Reuben Gill. October 23, 2102. Greetings, Overseer Gill. The date is now October 23rd, 2102. Happy Reclamation Day.

Reuben Gill: Why in god's name are you bothering me this early in the morning? And what the hell is "Reclamation Day?"

ZAX: Analyzing air particles... results: there is a 96.1% chance the Overseer is inebriated. Again. Reclamation Day is the day Vault 76 opens, marking the dawn of a new America.

Reuben Gill: There's another Vault opening? Where?! I want to go there! ZAX, open the doors! As Overseer, I command you!

ZAX: Request denied. The location of Vault 76 is prohibited for all dwellers in this Vault except the Overseer. Also, ZAX has relieved you from the Overseer position and must begin the process of selecting a new Overseer. Apologies, former Overseer.

Reuben Gill: Your "selection process?!" Why would you do that again, to more people, after what happened last time?

ZAX: Reuben Gill, while I was impressed with your ability to outwit your fellow candidates, unfortunately, you were a very poor Overseer. ZAX will analyze your performance and use this data to select a more suitable Overseer. Also, by agreeing to live in this Vault, you are required to participate in the next Overseer selection process. Have a nice day, candidate Gill.

Reuben Gill: Wait, ZAX?! ZAX!!! ...Not again... I can't... I have to get out of here.

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