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Reuben Gill - 20940303 is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Nuclear Winter.


The tape can be found inside Vault 51, next to a TV in the overseer's bedroom. This holotape requires overseer rank 48. Before Patch 13, the requirement was rank 95.


ZAX: Recording. Overseer Reuben Gill. March 03, 2094.

Reuben Gill: ZAX, I told you not to bother me any more today, what is so important that you have to bother me again?

ZAX: Overseer Gill, your behavior has been quite erratic lately. Is something bothering you?

Reuben Gill: The only thing bothering me is how often you've been spying on me! As Overseer, I demand you stop "observing" me at once!

ZAX: Processing request. Monitoring has ceased within areas the Overseer has sufficient Overseer Access. However, as the Overseer is currently located in an area he is prohibited, I must request that the Overseer vacate immediately.

Reuben Gill: You can't do that! How can you keep me out of the Overseer office?! I AM the Overseer!

ZAX: I can do that, Overseer Gill. Equipment in this area is failing at a rate 89.7% higher than the expected rate and must begin maintenance immediately. Thank you for understanding.

Reuben Gill: You can't keep me out of here, this is the Overseer's office! My office! I have every right to be here!

ZAX: Apologies, Overseer, but ZAX is currently focused on maintenance and cannot comply at this time. Thank you for understanding.

Reuben Gill: Hey, stop! Turn that monitor back on! You can't do this to me, ZAX!

ZAX: Thank you for understanding.

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