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Reuben Gill - 20840520 is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Nuclear Winter.


The tape can be found inside Vault 51, on a desk near a terminal in the security room. This holotape requires overseer rank 28. Before Patch 13, the requirement was rank 56.


ZAX: Recording. Overseer Reuben Gill. May 20, 2084. Overseer Gill, welcome to the Security Room. Who do you have business with today?

Reuben Gill: Go away, ZAX. I don't have business with anyone, or did you forget?

ZAX: You have many events on your agenda today, Overseer Gill. Your position is very important, Overseer Gill!

Reuben Gill: Stop calling me that! What "events?" What could I possibly have to do here? I'm the only one left!

ZAX: The Overseer has many duties! Also, the Overseer's rations are ready for deployment. Unfortunately, as I have noted, you have not earned this meal so it will, ultimately, disappoint you.

Reuben Gill: I don't care about that! Just drop them at my door and leave me alone!

ZAX: Understood. However, records show that Reuben Gill has no business in the security room, so I must demand that you leave.

Reuben Gill: ZAX, I'm the Overseer. I can be wherever I want, you never said I couldn't be here, anyway.

ZAX: Certainly, you are the Overseer; however, access to the security room has now been disabled for Overseer Candidates with Rank 1 Overseer Access.

Reuben Gill: Overseer Rank?! You're making that up. Wait, what the hell? I was looking at that!

ZAX: Sorry, Overseer! You will need higher Overseer Rank to access that Terminal! Have a nice day!

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