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This is a transcript for dialogue with Reuben Gill (holotapes).


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
136 00405F8E 00405FD3 Overseer Rank?! You're making that up. Wait, what the hell? I was looking at that!
231 00405FB5 00405FDD Your "selection process?!" Why would you do that again, to more people, after what happened last time? Reuben is drunk and emotional
86 00405F62 00405FE0 Helen, you need any help... Jeez, what happened here? cut off at help, second part of line incredibly surprised by what he's seen
144 00405F94 00405FE6 Stop calling me that! What "events?" What could I possibly have to do here? I'm the only one left!
248 00405FC0 00405FEE You can't do that! How can you keep me out of the Overseer office?! I AM the Overseer!
224 00405FB3 00405FF9 Wait, ZAX?! ZAX!!!
225 ...Not again... I can't...
226 I have to get out of here.
243 00405FBC 00406003 Hey, stop! Turn that monitor back on! You can't do this to me, ZAX!
141 00405F92 0040600A I don't care about that! Just drop them at my door and leave me alone!
253 00405FC4 00406019 ZAX, I told you not to bother me any more today, what is so important that you have to bother me again?
83 00405F5F 0040601F Wow, I had no idea this was going on. The Chambers seemed so perfect together, too. That's more food for us, at least. is not happy with Reuben
245 00405FBE 00406033 You can't keep me out of here, this is the Overseer's office! My office! I have every right to be here!
251 00405FC2 00406052 The only thing bothering me is how often you've been spying on me! As Overseer, I demand you stop "observing" me at once!
214 00405FB2 00406058 My name is Reuben Gill. I was one of the 50 people living in Vault 51 and... am the only one of us alive.
215 I was the... "Overseer" of this Vault and the things I did to get that position I don't want to remember...
216 But I can't ever... WON'T ever forget.
217 This Vault was home to many wonderful people. Caring, loving people... and that computer took them all away.
218 It turned us against each other for "research." Ended their lives for a sadistic experiment.
219 ZAX... he'll make promises, offer you luxuries, make you feel safe... all a farce. Part of his ruse. "ZAX" with great contempt
220 I don't know what he's planned for you but it'll end the same way. ZAX will get what he wants and bleed you dry in the process.
221 I need to get as far away from here as possible before ZAX starts... researching. I can't be a part of that again. emphasis on "that"
222 To whoever finds this... good luck. Maybe you'll have it better than we did... but I doubt it.
223 You never shoulda come here.
146 00405F96 0040605A Go away, ZAX. I don't have business with anyone, or did you forget?
239 00405FB9 00406063 Why in god's name are you bothering me this early in the morning? And what the hell is "Reclamation Day?" Reuben is drunk
172 00405FA4 00406064 Clayton! Get out here! Oh, you're gonna pay for taking my room!
235 00405FB7 00406069 There's another Vault opening? Where?! I want to go there! ZAX, open the doors! As Overseer, I command you! Reuben is still drunk
139 00405F90 0040606B ZAX, I'm the Overseer. I can be wherever I want, you never said I couldn't be here, anyway.
256 0040DEEA 0040DEEB Wait, Helen! I'm sorry! Helen!


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
5 00405FC9 00405FE5 ZAX, I'm the Overseer. I can be wherever I want, you never said I couldn't be here, so I'm continuing with my work. Go away.
12 00405FCF 00406021 Go away, ZAX. Why would I need an appointment? Who could I even talk to anyway, or did you forget?