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Reuben Gill, referred to as the Vault 51 overseer in-game, is the deceased overseer of Vault 51 found dead in Appalachia in 2102.


One of the several dwellers placed at Vault 51, Gill was in love with Helen Marks, a feeling that helped him survive the engineered crises and indignities, such as the one in mid-April 2078, when Clayton Ward (actually Harold Clark, an executive posing as a plumber) kicked Reuben out of one of ZAX's luxury bedrooms, claiming it as his own.[1] Reuben's cynicism differed from Marks' earnest belief in the human condition, even as they both witnessed the carnage at the tall end of Chambers' affairs. Despite the violence of 2078 and the food shortage, Marks clung to her convictions, even in the face of ZAX's and Gill's cynical remarks about the food supply stabilized.[2]

As a pillar of stability, Marks was a threat to ZAX's plans, which was determined to determine a leader through a process of physical elimination. To remove the obstacle, ZAX poisoned Marks on August 6, 2078. A natural leader was found by her friend, her face buried in a bowl of rationed food.[3] Marks' death triggered the crisis ZAX wanted. Reuben Gill, driven to madness by her death, went on a rampage that same day. With a gun in hand, he shot every other dweller and started by settling grudges. Clayton Ward was one of the first to go, for taking his room a few months back.[4] Reuben Gill was selected Overseer after killing every other dweller. For the next six years, Gill lived in the empty Vault, constantly shadowed by ZAX. With nothing to do but subsists from day to day, he provided little useful feedback for the AI, which ultimately rescinded his privileges and started locking him out of sections of the Vault. Starting with May 20, 2084, Overseers were now ranked in Vault 51 and Gill, as a Rank 1, lacked privileges or special rations.[5] By March 2094, ZAX locked Gill out of his office, citing maintenance concerns (likely caused by Gill's deteriorating mental state and destruction of furniture).[6]

Ultimately, ZAX removed Gill from his position as Overseer on October 23, 2102, on Reclamation Day. As Vault 76 opened and the opportunity to obtain more research subjects appeared, ZAX didn't want Gill to interfere by warning them away. Of course, he also made for a handy first candidate for the new selection process.[7] Reuben Gill eventually escaped into Appalachia by stowing away into a large crate with the contents section in inventory voided out. Thankfully for Gill, ZAX assumed a sensor malfunction during a routine scan when his life-signs were detected on the crate Gill put himself in.[8] Gill's crate was then dropped in Morgantown outside of Super-Duper Mart.[9] Gill's mission was to contact the Residents of Vault 76 and seek their assistance in destroying the ZAX that leads his Vault. Gill found his bearings and began a short hike to Relay tower EM-B1-27, where he learned all he needed to know about post-war Appalachia. This only reaffirmed his determination in finding Vault 76's residents.[10] Gill successfully made contact with the Residents but at some point, he died around Vault 76 in the remote part of the forest covered up by some bushes before he could ever fully realize his mission in destroying the Vault 51 ZAX.[11]


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Reuben Gill appears in the Fallout 76 add-on Wild Appalachia and is mentioned in the Fallout 76 add-on Nuclear Winter.



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