Anyway, main base's in the middle of the goddamned ocean. Well, not smack ass in the middle, but it might as well be. Only way to get there is by ship or vertibird and the damn ship's been tinkered with. Ya need a FOB to operate the damn thing.Cookie

Retrieve the FOB from the base commander is a quest in Fallout 2.


The Tanker FOB is located in the locker in the base commander's office in the Navarro underground.

There are two ways to gain access without fighting:

  • The first option is to ask the door guard about the office to learn that no-one ever goes in without an appointment except the cleaning personnel, and they're due in about an hour. Then leave, return after at least one game hour and pose as the cleaning worker. To loot the FOB, the character must be skilled in Lockpick to bust into the locker: If they're caught, the base goes on alert.
  • The second way is to bluff having an order from the high command to relocate the FOB for safekeeping by passing a Speech check with -20 modifier. Then they can freely go in and loot the locker. The Chosen One needs to have already learned about the FOB from the captain or Cookie. There's only one try here: If they fail, the guard will require a printed order paper, and there's no way to get one, nor will there be any other way to get through other than by force.
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