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Deal with former Crater gang members.

Daily: Retirement Plan is a daily quest in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


Speak to Rocksy to learn that a Raider has quit the group. She sent some hunters out to find and deal with the traitor, and asks the Vault Dweller to assist the hunters.

Head to the location of where the Raider hunters are and speak to them. Several options in conversation include asking for their help dealing with the former Raider, convincing them to go cause trouble with the Settlers (which loses a little reputation with the settlers in the process), or convince them to give up the search and let the Dwellers handle it. Once the hunters are convinced to give up the search, find the former Raider, and confront them. The hunters might also end up being killed by enemies in the areas they are traveling through, which still marks the optional objective as completed.

Alternatively, the player character can bypass the optional objective to interact with the Raider hunters, by encountering the former Raider first. Both Raider hunters and the former Raider will be actively moving on the world map in real-time once the quest begins, usually on pre-established roads.

The former Raider can be convinced to either go join the Settlers, rejoin the Raiders, flee Appalachia entirely, or simply killed. However, the former Raider might be engaged by enemies and killed, thus making things easier to report the Raider's fate to Rocksy. Once that is done, report back to Rocksy to complete the quest. Telling her the Raider will rejoin the group or is dead earns some extra reputation.

Possible locations

Quest stages

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Talk to Rocksy
? Check in with Rocksy
? Deal with the Former RaiderRocksy has asked me to deal with a former Raider from Crater. She doesn't care how I handle it. Other hunters are out there with the same goal.
? Return to Crater
? (Optional) Intercept the Hunters
? (Optional) Intercept the Hunter
? (Optional) Intercept the Hunter
? (Optional) Assist Hunter Ally
? (Optional) Assist Hunter Ally
? Talk to RocksyThe former Raider has been dealt with. Time to report back to Rocksy.


This daily quest will alternate with The Importance of Communication. They will not both be active on the same day.

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