Resting is used to heal in a safe place without the need to use stimpaks, buffout, healing consumables or healing perks/implants. One is unable to rest if there are enemies nearby, when the area is exposed to radiation, or if the bed is owned by someone else.

Fallout and Fallout 2

In Fallout and Fallout 2, the player character can rest to recover their health in almost any place, as long as they're not in combat, using the Pip-Boy 2000 alarm clock function. A handful of places, such as the toxic caves or Vault City Downtown, prohibit resting.

Fallout 3

Sleeping in a bed for any length of time will restore full health and heal all limbs, but will not get rid of radiation buildup. One cannot sleep in an owned bed (if the owner dies the bed won't revert to an un-owned state). Many places in the open wasteland have un-owned beds for player characters to use freely, however, most major settlements require the Wanderer to rent a bed, which will give them the Well Rested bonus.

Alternatively, it is possible to wait in a certain location for however long is desired. Unlike sleeping, there is no benefit to this other than advancing the clock. It will not restore any health (unless one has the Solar Powered perk and are standing in the sun) and all the drawbacks still apply. It mainly serves the purpose of moving forward in time to a point where certain events will trigger, such as the open hours of a shop.

Well Rested

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Sleeping in a bed one owns or rents (such as in the Megaton house, Tenpenny Tower suite, Kenny's cave, or a rented room) for an hour or more, the player character will become "Well Rested" and gain a 10% bonus to experience gained for 12 hours. The add-on Broken Steel adds the perk Deep Sleep, which gives a bonus from sleeping in any bed (provided the rest of the conditions are met.)

Bed locations


Sleeping in these will provide you with the "Well Rested" bonus.


The Point Lookout add-on provides an additional Well Rested bed in Kenny's cave, provided one passes a speech check, have the Child at Heart perk, or retrieve Kenny's special teddy bear.

Fallout New Vegas

Beds act the same as in Fallout 3, but with some minor differences. In addition to owned beds conferring a Well Rested bonus, having sex with someone or sleeping in specific 'queen' or 'queen-sized' beds in certain locations will also confer the bonus. In Hardcore mode, the healing benefits of a bed only apply to owned beds; other beds in the wasteland will reduce sleep but not restore any health.

Alternatively, with a high Survival skill, the perks Home on the Range and Roughin' It allow the Courier to sleep via interaction with a campfire or in an unowned bed respectively. Also, the Roughin' it! bedroll kit is essentially a portable bed.

Free bed locations

Ownable beds

Fallout 4

Sleeping in a bed for any length of time will restore full health and heal any damaged limbs. The Sole Survivor can sleep up to 24 hours in a bed, up to 5 hours on a mattress, and up to 3 hours in a sleeping bag or tent.

In Survival mode, sleeping at least one hour will save the game. To heal crippled limbs and begin to restore health it is required to sleep for a longer amount of time. For a more detailed explanation of sleep and tiredness, see Survival mode.

Rental beds

These beds can be rented from NPCs for 10 caps each night and will grant one with the Well Rested perk bonus.

Free bed locations

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  • Three can be found in Concord. The first one in an open house near the Red Rocket truck stop. The second bed is in another house close by the Museum of Freedom. The third bed can be found in the sewers near a mirelurk in the Concord civic access.
  • There is an abandoned house in which there are two free beds, outside of Concord and towards Lexington.
  • There is a bed inside the small National Guard bunker west of Drumlin Diner behind a terminal locked security gate.
  • Before entering Corvega assembly plant, a bed may be found on the highway to the north of it.
  • Some beds can be found at the Jalbert Brothers Disposal.
  • Two in a bus in a Gunner outpost on the raised highway, directly between Walden Pond and Rocky Narrows Park.
  • One free bed in the cat trader shack near the southeast shore of Walden Pond.
  • A few around College Square.
  • Inside the Cambridge Police Station.
  • Inside a truck trailer near ArcJet Systems.
  • There is a bed in the ruined house at the south entrance of Wildwood Cemetery.
  • A free bed in the guest house in Covenant.
  • In an unmarked raider-style camp on the elevated highway west of Covenant, just north of the highway interchange.
  • A bed in the empty settlement of Taffington Boathouse.
  • In a shack in the Gunner base on the elevated highway, southeast of Tenpines Bluff.
  • A free bed in Finch farm, even before it is allied.
  • Two free beds in a trailer southeast of County crossing, near to the small shack that contains a weapons workbench.
  • A bed under a shelter built into a tree, southwest of the Museum of Witchcraft.
  • There are beds in Mystic Pines.
  • Three beds at the Wreck of the USS Riptide: two in the ship and one in a container on the dock.
  • Free beds in Kellogg's house and Earl Sterling's house in Diamond City. A bed can be rented from Vadim Bobrov in the Dugout Inn.
  • A free bed outside of Diamond City, in a small raider home to the east from the main gate, just past the junkyard.
  • A bed on the top of the tall building marked "Now Leasing" in the unmarked raider compound across the river from the Charles Amphitheater.
  • A bed in the raider apartment at the top of the unnamed apartment location just north of Hardware Town.
  • A free bed in the Drug den just east of Bunker Hill.
  • The bed in Kent Connolly's room in the Memory Den in Goodneighbor once the Silver Shroud quest is started. A bed can be rented in the Rexford Hotel.
  • A few beds found across Park Street Station and Vault 114.
  • A bed in the floor below the loft of a raider-controlled building west of the Combat Zone and southwest of the Boylston Club.
  • Various sleeping quarters and bunkhouses can be found both inside and outside of Fort Hagen. There is also one bed in a room on the lower level of the Fort Hagen underground car park.
  • Bunk beds behind a terminal-controlled gate in Coast Guard Pier.
  • A bed on an elevated shack outside the abandoned house on the small island southwest of Egret Tours Marina.
  • Six metal beds inside Andrew station.
  • In the second last cell on the left in the holding block of the Research Wing of the Mechanist's Lair.
  • 15 metal beds onboard the Prydwen.
  • A bed in the underground bunker section of Quincy Quarries.
  • 20 vault bunk beds in Vault 75.
  • A bed upstairs in the Peabody house. Unlike everything else in the house, it is not marked as owned.
  • A bed on the ground floor of the building in Quincy ruins that contains Mama Murphy's apartment.
  • A bed in the Quincy ruins church, behind the power armor frame.
  • One unowned bed inside the Atom Cats garage, in the Red Rocket behind a yellow curtain. The other beds there are all owned.
  • Far Harbor (add-on) The nearest free bed to the town of Far Harbor is inside a boat moored just south of the town. A bed can be rented at the Last Plank.
  • Far Harbor (add-on) Two beds in the abandoned house across the creek northeast of Eden Meadows Cinemas.
  • Far Harbor (add-on) Two beds in the upper floor of an intact abandoned house at the end of the road directly north from Echo Lake Lumber.
  • Far Harbor (add-on) One bed in Zephyr Ridge Camp.
  • Far Harbor (add-on) Three beds in Acadia, 1 behind Cog counter, two in front of Dejen counter.
  • Far Harbor (add-on) Three beds in Southwest Harbor, in tours and gifts shop, in a covered alleyway, in a cabin on the dock to its east.
  • Far Harbor (add-on) One bed in the house north of Northwood Ridge Quarry, right in front of the bridge (just to its south).
  • Far Harbor (add-on) One bed in the doctor's office of the village between Southwest Harbor and Harbor Grand Hotel.
  • Far Harbor (add-on) One bed on the barge with red and yellow containers west of Southwest Harbor, on its west dock, jump on the broken part, from the tiny patch of land its leaning on, swim straight west a few seconds.


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Sleeping bags

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Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, the player character heals themselves, and can get benefits from sleeping in bed long enough. This time, however, the player character can also become diseased if sleeping on mattresses on the floor.

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