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The Responder police uniform is an outfit in Fallout 76.


The outfit is one of the Responders outfit sets that can be obtained throughout Appalachia. The uniform consists of a blue shirt with red pocket flaps and red shoulder straps, a black tie and badge, black pants with red stripes and a black and white Sam Browne belt. The shirt also sports a Responders logo on the right shoulder and a U.S. flag on the left.


  • Police uniform - Pre-War uniform worn by police in Appalachia. This generic version still counts as a Responder uniform for purposes of the 'Level up while' daily challenge.



The US flag patch on the left shoulder is the old version with 50 stars instead of the newer 13 stars version.[1]



  1. Plaque on the Massachusetts State House in Fallout 4 confirms that in 1969 the US was divided into 13 commonwealths. The flag was replaced to reflect this change.