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Responder Protectron config tape is a holotape that was removed from Fallout 76.


The tape could previously be obtained during the random encounter Disabled Protectron, though this random encounter was removed from the game.



Greetings Responder!


The Responders have a large network of repurposed Protectrons we use to assist the community. We love the little guys, but they tend to have...mishaps - faulty processing routines, mechanical jams, tripping on a rock and toppling down the entirety of Seneca Rocks - you know, the usual. So, with Sanjay's assistance we've cooked up something to help our robot pals. I'll explain how it works.

- run DetectProtectronDistress.exe to find any Protectrons emitting a distress signal. This will give GPS data to track them.
- if the unit is asleep or in low-power, run ReconfigProtectrons.exe - this basically reboots them and should solve most problems. (If not, please tell Sanjay!!!)


Searching for GPS data... / No signals found...


Checking for nearby Protectrons... / No Protectrons found...