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Resolve the Alexandra-Blackjack situation was going to be a quest in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.


Blackjack barricaded himself, hiding from Alexandra. He doesn't want to have to kill her, but he doesn't want to get shot either (he's unaware that Alexandra needs him alive). If the player gets Alexandra off Blackjack's back, he'll head over to Hoover Dam to find some card games, and Alexandra, if still alive, will head over to Fort Abandon to hang out. If the PC helps Alexandra capture Blackjack, she'll take him to Denver and give him to the Caesar's Legion slavers before returning to Fort Abandon.

Character type completion breakdown

  1. Science Boy - After speaking to Alexandra, just tell Blackjack that he's worthless to her dead, and he'll make a break for it.
  2. Stealth Boy- After speaking to Alexandra, just tell Blackjack that he's worthless to her dead, and he'll make a break for it.
  3. Combat Boy - Attack Blackjack and take him down using non-lethal methods. If you kill Blackjack, however, you get no reward from Alexandra. You can also knock out or kill Alexandra and help Blackjack escape. He'll be regretful if she's dead, but he won't hold it against you.
  4. Charisma Boy - Offer to compensate Alexandra if she'll let Blackjack go (Barter) or persuade her to tag along with you by promising bigger rewards in the future (Persuasion/Average). You can't persuade Blackjack to give up, but you can trick him into coming out (Deception/Average) if you're helping Alexandra.

Journal Entries

There were two proposed Journal Entries. One would be the regular entry, and the other would be a "Dumb Journal Entry" presumably the one you'd see if you had low Intelligence. The entry also shows the different ways of finishing the quest.

Normal Journal

1 I met Blackjack, a super mutant and fellow ex-prisoner. He was cornered in a cave, and he asked me to help him escape from the bounty hunter who'd been chasing him.
2 I met a bounty hunter named Alexandra. She had trapped a super mutant in a cave, and offered to split the reward for his capture if I helped her out.
3Quest finishedI helped Blackjack escape from the bounty hunter. He thanked me, and told me he would be in Hoover Dam if I ever needed him again.
4Quest finishedI helped Alexandra capture the super mutant. She told me she'd deliver him to her contacts in Denver, and offered to meet me at Fort Abandon to split the reward.

Dumb Journal

1 I meet Blackjack, big mutant prisoner guy. He say help from hunter who chase him.
2 I meet blonde girl Alexandra. She chasing big mutant guy. Need help.
3Quest finishedI help Blackjack big mutant guy run away from blonde hunter girl. He say meet him in big dam place where cards and money are if me need help with something.
4Quest finishedI help blonde girl Alexandra catch big mutant guy. She say meet her at Fort A-ban-don? She say she give me stuff for help.