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Going to be sad to leave the Residential District. Well... not really.Dean Domino

The residential district is a location in the Sierra Madre Villa in 2281.


Before the Great War, the residential district was a place for the casino's high rollers and entertainers to enjoy the outdoors of the Villa in seclusion.


The entire area is blanketed by the Cloud and has several lethal pockets of concentrated cloud. Dean Domino has laid out numerous traps, and some ghost people stalk the area.

Eastern shortcut

The quickest route to and from Dean Domino's house requires passing through a small section of toxic cloud, but by turning left at the initial fork and then hugging the right wall until reaching a square with two strings of "Christmas Lights" hung across to Domino's tall house, he can be reached fairly quickly. In the cloud-filled square one passes along this route, the second story of the northern building contains one of Dean's Secret Stashes.

Western route

Taking the western route makes it possible to reach Dean Domino without passing through any toxic cloud concentrations. One must climb the stairs straight ahead, just past the demolition charge, when arriving from the Villa gate, and then pass through a building booby-trapped with a pressure plate, two rigged shotguns, and a trip-wire rigged to a grenade bouquet to reach a square on the other side.

On reaching the second square, there is a mass of toxic cloud ahead on the lower story (the one with three ammo boxes and a brightly glowing container of RadAway in the center), although through this and to the south there is a cul-de-sac where one of Dean's secret stashes can be found.

One can continue to avoid passing through the toxic cloud by crossing to the next staircase and traversing a series of upper balconies and rooms. Sometimes these look like they contain wisps of toxic cloud, but while passing along the main path there will not be cloud damage. Both of the upper floor rooms are variously trapped with tripwires and pressure plates, and the balconies with demolition charges.

Upon reaching the next staircase down, it appears that the staircase descends into the toxic cloud, but when hugging the right wall all the around it does not. One eventually reaches Dean Domino's house with its strings of lights across the square; the entrance to the house can be reached around to its rear.

Notable loot

  • There are two Dean's secret stash locations in this area.
  • There are three Lover's Mark stash locations. The first is just to the left as you enter the area from the Villa containing miscellaneous foodstuffs. The second is up the second set of stairs next to the Cloud-covered courtyard with the tripwire and grenade trap, next to the stove in the corner. The third is south of the stairs leading to Domino's room, in the SW corner of the courtyard, behind the corner arch pillar, containing ammo.
  • Fifteen frag grenades can be obtained if all five grenade bouquets are successfully disarmed - notable because explosive weapons are otherwise rather difficult to obtain in the Sierra Madre.
  • Ace of Diamonds - Sierra Madre - Around the corner southwest of the door to the Villa, past a vending machine and tree stump, under the south end of a bench.
  • 2 of Spades - Sierra Madre - Inside a second-floor room with a pressure plate, rigged shotgun and fire extinguisher trap, with Cloud-covered courtyards to the south and (along with two dead trees and three tree stumps) to the east, behind a bed against the north wall.
  • 7 of Hearts - Sierra Madre - Inside a second-floor room with a tripwire and rigged shotgun, southeast of the doors to the Villa and east of the wall fountain and stairs seen when entering, on a wooden coffee table with two bottles of dirty water.
  • 9 of Hearts - Sierra Madre - Inside a second-floor room southeast of Dean's place, behind a bed in the southwest corner.
  • Duck and Cover! - Under the bed in Dean Domino's room. The book is only obtainable by using explosives and dropping throwing spears to force the book out.
  • Dean's tuxedo - Worn by Dean Domino.

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  • Although the numerous traps in the area belong to Dean Domino, he will nonetheless walk right into them and set them off while he is the Courier's companion.
  • One tripwire at ground level in the southwest corner of the local map (near a ground level pressure plate trap) does not appear to trigger anything nor does it show any association to traps when viewed in GECK.
  • The various toxic cloud-filled areas can be more easily explored with Dean Domino as a companion, although again beware his tendency to set off his own traps.


The residential district appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.