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The report is a paper note in Fallout 4. It is a report written by McDonough, Diamond City's mayor.


Given to the Sole Survivor by the mayor after they have been asked to do so by Justin Ayo during Political Leanings.


Item 1: Piper
Piper continues to be a serious concern. The girl has demonstrated a knack for digging up secrets, and could expose our relationship. What's needed here is an outside agent who can't be connected back to me.

Item 2: The Railroad
Still nothing substantive to report on this subject. If, as rumor suggests, they are keeping a secret headquarters in the region, then we must assume they have spies and recruiters in Diamond City. They can't stay hidden forever.

Item 3: Hancock
That damn Ghoul who fancies himself leader of the rabble in Goodneighbor seems bent on destroying my reputation and credibility. Travelers who come back from there are starting to get more and more suspicious. Something had better be done quickly, or the tide of public opinion could turn against me.

Item 4: The Ghoul Farm
Those Ghoul farmers at the Slog are trying to improve their lot in life, and it's only a matter of time before they try to get back into Diamond City. If I can't enforce my policies, I won't be mayor for long. Perhaps you can send someone to discourage their efforts.

Item 5: The Minutemen
Frankly I don't much believe it, but the rumor is that the Minutemen are re-organizing. I doubt anyone could rally a bunch of paranoid farmers and settlers after what happened the last time. I mention it only to keep you informed in case preventative measures are needed.

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