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Repairman jumpsuits are pieces of clothing in Fallout 3.


These suits provide a bonus of +5 to Repair. The Red Racer and handyman jumpsuits can be repaired with Red Racer jumpsuits. The RobCo jumpsuit can be repaired with other copies of itself.


Army mechanic jumpsuit

Army Mechanic Jumpsuit.png

Added with the add-on Operation: Anchorage, the green army mechanic jumpsuit is used by American grease-monkeys (U.S. Army mechanics) in the Anchorage Reclamation simulation while repairing power armor and vehicles.

It is available to the player only through the use of console commands or glitches.

Unlike most armor and weapons in Operation: Anchorage, the jumpsuit does not have an extremely high HP count, and will degrade normally.

Red Racer jumpsuit

Red Racer Jumpsuit.png

The Red Racer jumpsuit is a basic yellow jumpsuit with a red Red Racer logo on its back.

Jenny Stahl and Lucky Harith both wear this clothing. It is also used by some vendors. It cannot be found at the Red Racer factory, but can be purchased from Bannon and Seagrave Holmes in Rivet City. A single suit can be found at the Lil' Tyke Playhouse in Point Lookout, and one can also be found aboard Mothership Zeta, in the cryo lab.

RobCo jumpsuit

RobCo Jumpsuit.png

The RobCo jumpsuit is a basic blue jumpsuit with the RobCo logo in silver-gray letters on the back.

Three can be found on the ground floor of the RobCo facility, another one in the Rivet City market and 6 are worn by non-player characters (Walter, Moira Brown, Henry Young, Winthrop, Daniel Agincourt, and Bill Foster). Another one is worn by The Mechanist should you convince him to give up his career in The Superhuman Gambit.

Handyman jumpsuit

Handyman Jumpsuit.png

The handyman jumpsuit is tinted red and can only be repaired with the Red Racer variant. Although only obtainable via console commands, a version of this jumpsuit is added in Point Lookout, worn by the merchant Haley. The Point Lookout version will repeatedly give the +5 bonus each time the area is reloaded, allowing for a non-player character's repair skill to be maxed out at 100.