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Repairman jumpsuits are pieces of clothing in Fallout: New Vegas.


These suits provide a bonus of +5 to Repair. The Red Racer and handyman jumpsuits can be repaired with Red Racer jumpsuits. The RobCo jumpsuit can be repaired with other copies of itself.


RobCo jumpsuit

RobCo Jumpsuit.png

The RobCo jumpsuit is a basic blue jumpsuit with the RobCo logo in silver-gray letters on the back. One is worn by non-player character Dermot who can be found in Westside either in his room at Casa Madrid Apartments or outside to the east of Westside Co-op.

Handyman jumpsuit

Handyman Jumpsuit.png

The handyman jumpsuit is tinted red and can only be repaired with the Red Racer variant. It can be found in power plant 01 at Hoover Dam worn by Mike Lawson, at Michael Angelo's workshop worn by Kate and at the Aerotech Office Park worn by Keith.

NCR engineer jumpsuit

NCR engineer jumpsuit.png
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Yangtze camp jumpsuit

Yangtze camp jumpsuit.png

The Yangtze camp jumpsuit is a unique jumpsuit that only appears in Old World Blues.