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Repair the Water Pump was going to be a quest in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.


The PC has the ability to repair a water pump at two points: the pump itself in Burham Springs and a section of broken hose inside the first level of the mines. This lowers the liquid level in the toxic caves. Repairing the pump lowers it significantly. Fixing the hose lowers it even more. After the pump is fixed, almost all of the water is gone except for the water covering the Agricola lab. Once the hose is fixed, the water covering the Agricola lab is also removed.

Character type completion breakdown

  1. Combat Boy, Diplomacy Boy, Stealth Boy - The PC can purchase or steal replacement parts (water pump impeller, water pump hose) from the Jericho water plant and simply use the items on the pump and the damaged hose. This is an automatic success.
  2. Science Boy - The PC can use Mechanics (Hard) to repair the pump and Mechanics (Easy) to fix the hose.

Journal Entry

Normal Journal

1 Frank LaFrancis told me that the water pump in Burham Springs used to pump water out of the lower caves. Since the impeller broke and the lower hose were damaged, it hasn't worked very well. If the pump were fixed, it would make exploration of the lower caves much safer.
2Quest finishedFrank LaFrancis was pleased that I fixed the water pump and the lower hose. He gave me some items for my trouble and wished me well.
3Quest finishedI fixed the impeller on the water pump, and it started running much better.
4Quest finishedI fixed the hose for the water pump inside the mine. It should be able to actually carry water now.

Dumb Journal

1 Frank is ghoul. He told me pump broken and pump makes water go away from caves. If water go away we can walk around cave no get wet and sick.
2Quest finishedFrank happy about pump. Gave me nice things.
3Quest finishedPump fix. Quiet now. Like wind.
4Quest finishedHose fix. Suck good.