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Repair plan is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found at Grafton Steel yard, on a desk, next to a terminal, in the Rolling Mill building.


Donna Mason: I dunno what all they put in the furnace, but it's gaumed it up but good. Wouldn't have been so bad if ya'll had just shut damned thing down for a few weeks and cleaned out the blast. But at this point? Whatever it is, at this point it's fused with every damned part from the Furnace to the Smelter and the Mills.

Supervisor Fortney: Look Mason, I don't need to hear it. Can you keep it running or not?

Donna Mason: Ain't gonna be easy. Whatever's going on chemically, it's pretty toxic and corrosive at that. You're gonna have to keep making near constant repairs. I can mark the areas, but that's not gonna stop the ash...

Supervisor Fortney: Foreman doesn't give a damn about the ash. The workers brought it on themselves, now they get to live with it. Besides, the bots don't give a damn. All the more reason to continue the workforce change over.

Donna Mason: So that's it then? Just... keep replacing bots and machinery. Let the plant destroy the valley and break up the strikers?

Supervisor Fortney: If you've got a problem with that, we can cancel payment.

Donna Mason: It's just... Aw, shit. Just get me in the van and get me out of here before anyone sees me.

Supervisor Fortney: Pleasure doing business with you. We'll recommend you to our friends.

Donna Mason: Don't. Don't ever contact me again after this. And erase my name off that holotape. I went over the needed repairs, that's enough.

Supervisor Fortney: Fine.