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Repair is a skill in Fallout: New Vegas.

Initial level

Example: A starting Intelligence of 5 and Luck of 5.


Items can now be repaired to 100% regardless of the player character's current skill. Repair still governs the effectiveness of repairing one item with another, using the same repair efficiency calculation as Fallout 3, but with a static 100% condition limit in place of the skill-based limit.

A higher Repair skill unlocks crafting recipes for different types of ammunition and other gear at reloading benches and workbenches, such as the Weapon repair kit with 50 skill. High Repair also allows one to repair mechanical or electronic world objects (elevators, doors, computers, etc.).

Ways to increase Repair


Perks that require Repair skill

Perk Requirement Level Additional Requirements
In Shining Armor Dead Money 20 2 Science 70
Junk Rounds Dead Money 45 2 Luck 6
Light Touch Dead Money 45 2 Agility 6
Hand Loader 70 6
Jury Rigging 90 14
Mad Bomber Gun Runners' Arsenal 45 6 Explosives 45

Interactions that require Repair skill

Non-player characters who repair

Name Location Repair cap
Dale Barton The Fort 58%
Samuel Kerr 188 Trading Post 64%
Calamity Jacobstown 76%
Old Lady Gibson Gibson scrap yard 79%
Mick Mick & Ralph's 85%
Joshua Graham Honest Hearts Zion Canyon 100%
Paladin Sato Brotherhood of Steel safehouse 100%
Raul Tejada Black Mountain / Raul's shack 100%
Major Knight Mojave Outpost 100%
Sink Central Intelligence Unit Old World Blues (add-on) The Sink/Big MT 100%
Commissary terminal Lonesome Road (add-on) The Divide 100%

The Repair skill of an NPC dictates the maximum condition they can repair to, based on the same maximum condition formula used in Fallout 3. The total cost to repair is independent of one's Barter and Repair skills and is calculated with this formula:

If repairing an item were to increase its value by 1000 caps, the repair would cost 2000 caps, essentially a 100% overhead.


  • Non-player characters will not repair apparel (such as Benny's suit) that has no DT.
  • Normally, common weapon variants can not be repaired with unique weapons unless the Jury Rigging perk is selected, which can result in the potential loss of these rare items.
  • Items whose HP values still round to 100% will not offer the option to repair/maintain them, even if they show less than maximum cap value, and will not appear in the list of spare weapons when repairing another of the same type.