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Remnants power armor is a set of power armor in Fallout: New Vegas.


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Developed by the Enclave in 2220, the advanced power armor Mark I is the first true production run of the advanced power armor family. Initially designated Mark II Powered Combat Armor,[1] the advanced power armor Mark I is also the first model of power armor designed, produced and deployed after the end of the Great War. This armor was developed off of the pre-War designed X-01 power armor, overcoming the flaws of its predecessor. The advanced power armor Mark I was the standard service armor of Enclave soldiers by 2241. By 2246, the advanced power armor Mark I was being phased out by the superior advanced power armor Mark II. Despite this, the Mark I remained as the Enclaves' standard issue power armor until after the sacking of Navarro.[2] Although eventually surviving Enclave remnants like Arcade Gannon were forced to go into hiding, lest their armor result in their arrest.[3]

By 2281, the only remaining users of these suits were the Enclave remnants, and the suits took on the name of Remnants power armor. Despite advancing age and lacking maintenance, the Mark I continued to be one of the most effective models of power armor on the battlefield, and any who saw them were reminded why people once feared the sight of Enclave Vertibirds in the sky.[4]


The Remnants power armor has lower item HP than any other type of power armor in-game, and its condition will deteriorate far faster than even the primitive T-45d if incoming attacks exceed its Damage Threshold. This is balanced by the fact that it has the highest DT of any obtainable armor in the game.

With the Sub-Dermal Armor implant, both ranks of the Toughness perk, the Spineless or the Reinforced Spine perks, the Big Brained or Brainless perks, and 3 ranks of the Camarader-E perk, wearing the remnants power armor and helmet can grant the player a maximum raing of 50.6 DT.

This armor is not associated with any faction and will not spur any particular faction to attack based on one's clothing, even though NCR actively persecutes and hunts down any Enclave remnants or direct descendants of them.



Name DT WG Durability Value Armor class Effects
Remnants power armor 28 45 400 6495 Heavy armor +1 STR
+15 Radiation Resistance
Gannon family Tesla armor 26 35 400 8194 Medium armor +10 Energy Weapons
+20 Radiation Resistance


Behind the scenes


  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Occasionally the bodies at cliffside prospector camp may not be present. Waiting some hours (a safe distance away and returning) can reload the map cell allowing the bodies (and the deathclaws) to appear. Clearing the cache (restart the game and hold both bumpers and the X button on Xbox or the equivalent on other platforms until "press start" is displayed) will also fix the problem, but it will cause several deathclaws to spawn as well.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Obtaining the Remnants power helmet will make the bodies at the deathclaw promontory reappear with the Remnants power armor (note: you must be wearing the helmet before you get to the bodies in order for it to work). You can also fast travel away from the promontory and come back. The bodies should appear. Saving the game and loading it back will make them reappear. Be aware that this will make the deathclaws reappear. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 If you have already collected the armor from the deathclaw promontory, and it is in your inventory when you attempt to collect the armor from Daisy, Daisy's armor will be added to your inventory on top of your other set of armor, appearing to be one set. The sets can be separated by equipping one set or putting one set into a container, but the armor sets will recombine if you pick the set back up or take it off. If the player is not carrying the first set when he/she receives the second set, the armors can both be carried without a problem. This glitch applies to both the helmet and armor. [verified]
    • To solve the above bug, simply drop a set of the Remnants power armor and the original set will be in your inventory while the second set will be on the floor when you exit the Pip-Boy. This bug can also occur after obtaining the helmet from the Silver Peak Mine.
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Occasionally the bodies are not present. The reason is that corpses spawn on a cycle similar to that of creatures. This can be fixed by leaving the map cell and returning or waiting several hours in-game. Restarting the system will clear the game's active memory which can allow the spawn cycle to reset. [verified]



  1. Arch Dornan: "{123}{sgnt9}{Welcome to Camp Navarro. So, you’re the new replacement... You are out of uniform, soldier! Where is your power armor?}"
    The Chosen One: "{125}{}{The base didn’t issue me any. They said it would be issued here.}"
    The Chosen One: "{126}{}{Uh... I wasn’t issued any armor.}"
    Arch Dornan: "{128}{sgnt10}{Don’t have any? You expect me to believe that, maggot? The truth is you lost an expensive piece of army-issue equipment. That suit is going to come out of your pay, and you will remain in this mans army until you are five hundred and ten years old, which is the number of years it will take for you to pay for a Mark II Powered Combat Armor you have lost! Report to the armory and have a new suit issued to you, then report back to me, private! Dismissed!}"
    The Chosen One: "{130}{}{Yes, Sergeant!}"
  2. Remnants power armor in Fallout: New Vegas is the X-01 derived model.
  3. Arcade Gannon's ending 7: "Though Arcade was crushed by the Legion's victory at Hoover Dam, he was not among NCR's casualties. During the NCR's retreat from the Mojave Wasteland, he helped defend NCR citizens and refugees on their way to Mojave Outpost. Unfortunately, a NCR ranger identified his father's armor as Enclave property. He was arrested, tried as a war criminal, and imprisoned indefinitely"
  4. Remnants ending 2: "After their bold arrival at Hoover Dam, the Remnants disappeared as quickly as they came. Legends of their power spread throughout the southwest, a reminder of why people once feared the sight of vertibirds in the sky."


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    Joshua Sawyer: "'Why does the Remnants power armor look so goddamn cool?' It's designed off the Fallout 2 Enclave power armor."
  2. Question: "Is Advanced Power Armor air-conditioned?"
    JESawyer: "Remnants Armor has a built in ventilation/cooling system."
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