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Various religions are described as having existed before and after the Great War.


Some pre-War religions and belief systems persist, such as various denominations of Christianity. These variants have scattered into splinter groups, such as Saint Monica's Church in Rivet City and the Abbey of the Road, a monastery west of the Commonwealth.[1] Religious movements such as the Hubologists are located in both Boston and California. Mormons practice in the southwest United States, where others mention an entity known as Dharma.

After the war, many new religions were established with a variety of belief systems, some worshipping nature, plants, or animals.[2][3][4] The residents of Oasis in the Capital Wasteland developed a religious system around the love of nature. The Sorrows revere a spirit known as "the Father in the Cave." Mormon missionaries like Daniel work to convert others to their religion, resulting in the blending of several belief systems. The Appalachian Cult of the Mothman worship the cryptid of the same name. Similarly, the Children of the Atom worship atomic bombs, known as "Atom," and are located in Megaton, the Nucleus, and the Crater of Atom.[5]


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