Relay tower EM-B1-27 is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.


This is a standard radio relay tower with machine gun turrets guarding the perimeter and its two entrances to the north and west. Inside is a blue system relay terminal which US government supply requisition holotapes can be loaded into. There is a set of lockers in its southeastern corner and two first aid boxes on a shelf directly in front of the western entrance (one is locked - Picklock 0).

Notable lootEdit

  • Ballistic fiber - Two military ammo bags:
    • One outside the building, near a military APC and skeleton on the paved road.
    • One inside the building, near a footlocker underneath an empty military cot.
  • Fusion core - On top of the central control panel, along the wall closest to the repairable terminal.
  • Volunteers needed! - Note, found on the body of a Responder Volunteer near a house outside of the relay tower.
  • AUTOMATED RECORD 0000002 - Holotape, found in a "Mysterious Box" west of the relay tower.


The relay tower terminal can be used with a US government supply requisition holotape to Request Government Air Drop of supplies.


Relay tower EM-B1-27 appears only in Fallout 76.

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