Relay tower 0MC-810 is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is located to the east of West Everett Estates and west of the National Guard training yard.


The site contains two makeshift metal shacks. On the site, there are seven radios and two ham radios. Two of the radios are tuned to Classical Radio and the other five are tuned into Diamond City Radio. There is also a terminal next to the tower which can be used to extend the tower's satellites to extend the signals of two radio stations.


Notable loot

Related quest

  • The Lost Patrol: Three years ago, the last Brotherhood recon team sent to the Commonwealth went missing. The Sole Survivor is asked to search for their remains.
  • Creation Club Speak of the Devil: During this quest, the player character goes here to find the body of Richie.


To the far northeast of the tower, a ruined house close to a roundabout can be found, which has an accessible basement.


Relay tower 0MC-810 appears only in Fallout 4.


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