Relay tower 0BB-915 is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is located north of Fort Hagen.


The relay tower is a red and white radio tower with three satellite dishes and an antenna on the top, surrounded by a chainlink fence. Using the terminal, the tower's satellite dishes can be extended after which three radio stations can be received.


Notable lootEdit

  • Orders, next to a tank slightly northwest of the tower.
  • Psychotats in the small raider bunker northwest of the tower.


  • To the northeast is an unmarked location that consists of a clifftop shack that is set up as an acetylene tank firing range. Three "launchers" are loaded with tanks, with an additional ten on shelves within the shack. There is a cooking station in the corner.
  • Directly northwest of the relay tower is a battle tank stuck on some rocks. A note near the tank suggests a couple of soldiers stole the tank and got it stuck on some rocks, and then attempted to dig it out with shovels.
  • North of the bogged tank is part of an airplane fuselage and an APC surrounded by numerous fragmentation mines. Inside the APC are a skeleton, a box with more mines and a duffle bag with pre-War money.
  • The two satellite dishes to the west on the hill contain a bunker from which the Civil Alert System Broadcast originates and is protected by two stunted yao guai. However, if Automatron is installed, the area is replaced with a Rust Devils fort surrounding the satellite array.


Relay tower 0BB-915 appears only in Fallout 4.


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