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My daughter is strong. Focused, careful. That's how I know she's still alive.— Rei Nakano

Rei Nakano is the matriarch of the Nakano family, living in their residence on the northeastern shore of the Commonwealth in 2287.


Rei is the wife of Kenji Nakano and the mother of Kasumi Nakano. She and her family began fighting more following the death of Taichi Nakano. She became concerned that she was growing apart from her daughter, who spent most of her time in the old boathouse.[1] When Kasumi leaves for Acadia without a trace, Rei is more optimistic about the situation, believing that she may have left home to become her own woman. Although she would like to know that Kasumi is safe, Rei realizes that Kasumi is nineteen years old, and is capable of handling herself in the real world.[2] In contrast, her husband is paranoid and believes she has been taken by kidnappers, which Rei sees as another example of him being overprotective, as if Kasumi is still in diapers.[3] Rei fully believes that her daughter is alive, though she still wants to know why she left without saying anything.[4]

Depending on how the conflict on the Island is resolved, the Nakanos' missing person investigation may conclude in several different ways: Kasumi is dead, at which Rei will express great remorse;[5] or Kasumi decides to stay in Acadia, and the Nakanos can be told that she is or isn't a synth. If they are told she is human, but staying in Acadia because of the people she cares about there, Rei will be glad she is safe and has a place where she can make her own future.[6] If Kasumi returns home safely, Rei's reaction will differ depending on whether or not Kasumi believes that she is a synth. If Kasumi believes that she is a synth, Rei will attempt to help the Sole Survivor's case if they try to convince Kenji that he should accept her anyway. Rei believes that, even if Kasumi has been replaced by a synth, they should salvage what they can from such a terrible world.[7] If Kenji kicks Kasumi out of the house, having failed to be convinced, she will express shock that her husband could be so cruel.[8] If Kasumi believes she is human, Rei will be happy and relieved to have her home and extremely grateful to Nick Valentine and the Sole Survivor.[9] She will reaffirm to Kasumi that she is flesh and blood.[10]

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Green shirt and combat boots


Rei Nakano appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.



  1. The Sole Survivor: "Every detail is important, Missus Nakano. Don't hold back."
    Rei Nakano: "It's just that... we've been fighting a lot more. All of us. Ever since Kasumi's grandfather passed away. He was the only one that could really... talk to her. Kenji and I don't understand machines, but those two could work together for hours. She started staying in her grandfather's boathouse late into the night. I thought she was just trying to cope with the loss, but now I wonder what she was up to..."
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  2. The Sole Survivor: "We're here to help. Tell us what happened."
    Kenji Nakano: "It's all thanks to this damn radio."
    Rei Nakano: "Our daughter Kasumi likes to fix things. The radio was her latest project."
    Kenji Nakano: "Until she made contact with some kidnapper who lured her away from us."
    Rei Nakano: "Or maybe she left on her own. She's not a child anymore. Our daughter is nineteen. She knows how to survive, and she's capable. I... think maybe she left because she wanted her own life."
    Kenji Nakano: "No, she would've told us where she was going. She would've said... something! I know my daughter is in danger. I can feel it. Find her. Please."
    (Rei Nakano's dialogue)
  3. The Sole Survivor: "You and your husband don't seem to agree about why your daughter left."
    Rei Nakano: "*sigh* We both want to find her. The world out there isn't a place where you want to be alone. But Kenji still sees her swaddled in diapers. He doesn't see a young woman with her own decisions to make. Maybe because it's more frightening. She wasn't tricked into leaving without telling us. That was her choice. She didn't want us to follow. Why?"
    (Rei Nakano's dialogue)
  4. The Sole Survivor: "I'd like to know more about Kasumi. Might shine a light on where she's gone."
    Rei Nakano: "My daughter is strong. Focused, careful. That's how I know she's still alive. But why would she leave without telling us? Maybe we... No... never mind... I don't want to waste your time..."
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  5. Rei Nakano: "My baby is dead... Oh god..."
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  6. Rei Nakano: "I'm glad my daughter has found a place where she can make her future. Thank you for making sure she's safe. Kenji will need time, but I know he'll be happier letting Kasumi have her own life."
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  7. Sole Survivor: "Kenji, listen to me. She's not to blame for this. Give her a chance. She's lost everything, too."
    Kenji Nakano: "We've been through... so much... You... you look just like her. Act like her... Talk like her..."
    Kasumi Nakano: "I know... And I know how much she meant to both of you. You're both good people. You deserve to have your daughter back."
    Kenji Nakano: "But you're not..."
    Rei Nakano: "Kenji, stop! I don't care anymore. Look at her! Can't we salvage what we can from this horrible world?"
    Kenji Nakano: "*sad sigh* Okay... Okay... She can stay..."
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  8. Rei Nakano: "Kenji!"
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  10. Rei Nakano: "Kasumi, does this mean... You know we're your parents, right? You're not a synth."
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