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It's a slave labor camp run by a group called the Regulators, but they tell everyone it's a "town". They come here and take our people to work them until they die. Then they come and take more of us.Razor

The Regulators of Adytum[1] are a paramilitary group that controls the eponymous town in the Angel's Boneyard in Fallout.


The Regulators are one of the groups that formed after the Los Angeles Vault opened in 2092, 15 years after the Great War.[Non-game 1] They founded Adytum together with other dwellers, while the remainder formed the Blades.[2]

In 2158, Jon Zimmerman hired mercenaries that displaced the original Regulators. Caleb, their commander, quickly seized control over Adytum, becoming the de facto power, with Zimmerman reduced to the role of a figurehead. The Gun Runners soon felt the squeeze, as the Regulators supplied raw materials, while buying finished weapons at well below their value.[3] To ensure their pliability, Caleb carefully curated the image of the Blades, the largest group of people outside Adytum, as a violent, psychotic gang trying to abduct Adytum children, kill its citizens, and even commit suicide attacks with explosives strapped to themselves. Regulators regularly brought Zimmerman bodies of alleged assailants, as proof.[4] Regular citizens were pressed into the role of laborers, with strict quotas to meet. Apart from the scavengers recovering goods from the Boneyard, most wound up working for the unforgiving Regulators, stuck within the town, surrounded by a fence erected as much to keep raiders and wildlife out, as to keep people in.[5] Most resigned themselves to their fate, hoping to just grow enough food to avoid shortage (and that the rain wouldn't glow).[6]

Most denizens of the Boneyard weren't aware of the reality of Regulator rule, even the scavengers (although some of them noticed that Caleb enjoyed his job a little too much).[7] The Regulators seemed like a regular police force just keeping the town under control.[8][9][10] Well-off Adytowners also accepted their rule, believing that the town could be a little more welcoming without their tight grip, but that it was simply their style of governance.[11] Only the Blades truly realized the situation, seeing Adytum as a slave labor camp, but had no way of fighting back. In fact, they were the Regulators' main victims, providing a steady supply of captives to put to work on Adytum's farms and industry.[12] Anyone resisting was killed, and sometimes the Regulators just shot them outright, to produce bodies to show to Zimmerman. Their most notable victim was Jon Zimmerman's son, Jason, who fled the town and lived with the Blades, eventually falling for Razor. The Regulators warned him not to return, but he tried to sneak back in and was caught by a patrol. Caleb had him gruesomely murdered and put on display, in a manner pinning the murder on the Blades, and to further cement the Regulators' rule over Adytum.[13][14]


The Regulators have a strictly hierarchic structure, with the PrincipleIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar Regulator responsible for training and organization, holding absolute authority over the group.[15][16] Other Regulators are divided into at least two classes, such as Regulator Second Class Cravotta, responsible for murdering the son of the mayor on Caleb's orders.[13]

The Regulators exert total control over the people of Adytum, mandating strict work quotas and punishing those whose work is found wanting.[17] Everyone working in Adytum must pay a percentage of their proceeds to the Regulators and an additional protection fee. Scavengers, prowling the ruins of the Boneyard for goods to trade or construction, can afford to pay the Regulators. Most can't, and have to deal with the daily quotas.[5] As a result, most are fed up with the Regulator rule and would like nothing more than to see them gone, but no organized resistance formed in the years since their rule.[6]

Outside, the Regulators regularly prey on the Blades, with a raid about once a month to catch adult men and put them to work in Adytum.[18] Under Caleb, they also ruthlessly exploit the Gun Runners' reliance on Adytum's raw materials and inability to deal with the deathclaws, buying their weapons at cut-rates and pocketing the difference.[3]


Regulators are very well equipped. With the exception of the Principal Regulator, who wears combat armor as a seeming badge of office, every regular member of the group wears metal armor, while they are armed with a variety of weapons, including Winchester shotguns, sniper rifles, H&K 10mm submachine guns, Desert Eagles, and SIG-Sauer pistols. Those specializing in close combat opt for sledgehammers, throwing knives, and vibroblades.

Regulators use radio communications to coordinate operations between patrols and the Regulator base in Adytum.[13]


These Regulators appear in Fallout and are mentioned in the Fallout Bible. They are not related to the Capital Wasteland Regulators in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes[]

The Regulators were part of the original design for Adytum, as a regular police force for Adytum, defending the town from the violent gangs outside of its perimeter. Jesse Heinig championed this version of the Boneyard, but Leonard Boyarsky was a senior developer and had implemented a different vision.[Non-game 2] Leonard Boyarsky felt that the motif of a town besieged by gangsters had been overdone, and suggested rewriting the design to flip the stereotype, making the nearby gangs fairly passive while putting the town under the heel of an authoritarian and draconian police force.


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