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A holotape recording of an audio transmission.

The Regulator transmission is a holodisk in Fallout.


In the Boneyard and given by Razor of the Blades if asked to resolve the problem with the Regulators by talking to Jon Zimmerman.


Message sent: Regulator patrol to Regulator base come in. Do you copy? Over.

Message received: This is Regulator base, Principle Regulator Caleb responding. Report? Over.

Message sent: Sir, yes sir! Regulator Second Class Cravotta reporting. We've apprehended the Zimmerman boy trying to infiltrate our perimeter again, sir. Orders? Over.

Message received: Shit! Again! Well that's the last time that's going to happen. Eliminate him and make it look like the Blades did it. Understand? Over.

Message sent: Sir? Uh... did I copy correctly, sir? Kill him? Over.

Message received: That's affirmative, Regulator. And I want it messy. Impale him on the guard posts out front- oh, and cut out his tongue so he can't talk while we "attempt" to save his sorry ass. Over?

Message sent: It shall be done, sir, Over.

End transmission.