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Reformation is a main quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Far Harbor Main Quest: Reformation
Recover Martin's holotapes.
Give Martin's holotapes to DiMA.
Convince the High Confessor to meet with you
Play Martin's New Age (holotape) to High Confessor
Head to the meeting location
Deal with the High Confessor.
Hide the evidence.
Return to DiMA.
Reward: 600+ XP
1500 bottlecaps
Protector of Acadia perk
Atom's Bulwark
Peace between all factions

Detailed walkthroughEdit

During the quest The Way Life Should Be when confronting DiMA about killing and replacing Captain Avery, the Sole Survivor can agree to keep it secret. After that, DiMA will suggest to the Sole Survivor a plan about replacing High Confessor Tektus with a synth to make peace between the factions. Agreeing to the plan will start the quest. The Survivor then has to find the old High Confessor, Martin's holotapes from his hideout, and bring them back to DiMA. The Sole Survivor will then go talk to Tektus and assure him that the old confessor Martin is going to come back and take over his position by showing him a faked holotape. The Sole Survivor will then meet Tektus in the command center and kill him.

Alternatively, the Sole Survivor can pass a medium speech check to make him flee (if they haven't done enough quests with the Children of Atom to win his trust, he will come with two guards and they would need to pass a high speech check to make him flee). If Tektus and his guards are killed, their corpses must be stashed in the hole in the wall.

The Sole Survivor then returns to Acadia and sees DiMA talking with the new synth high confessor. DiMA will reward the Sole Survivor with 1500 caps and Protector of Acadia perk. The Sole Survivor will then get the miscellaneous quest Speak to High Confessor, which will reward the player character with Atom's Bulwark. Additionally, the Sole Survivor can return to Far Harbor and witness a meeting of the townsfolk, where Avery informs everyone that they have made peace with Children of Atom. Avery will give the Sole Survivor 1600 caps when talking to her.

Quest stagesEdit

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StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Recover Martin's holotapesI've agreed to help DiMA replace the High Confessor. First, I'll need to recover a couple of Confessor Martin's holotapes from his old refuge.
30 Give Martin's tapes to DiMAI've got the tapes DiMA asked for. Time to head back to Acadia and hand them over.
40 Convince the High Confessor to meet with youI've got DiMA's fabricated holotape. Now I just need to present it to the High Confessor and convince him to join me... alone.
45 Play "Martin's New Age" for the ConfessorThe High Confessor can't believe I found Confessor Martin's tape. He asked me to play it for him.
50 Head to the meeting locationThe High Confessor has agreed to meet me in the Command Center tunnels. I should head down there now.
70 Deal with the High Confessor
Deal with the High Confessor's Guards
The High Confessor has arrived. Time to end his reign... permanently.
The High Confessor has arrived... with backup. I'm going to have to deal with all of them if I'm going to put an end to the High Confessor's reign.
150 Hide the evidenceThe deed is done. Now I just need to hide the evidence...
250 Return to DiMAThe High Confessor is no more. Time to return to DiMA and let him know the job's done.
255 Return to DiMAI convinced the High Confessor and his men to leave the island for good. Now to let DiMA know the job's done.
I convinced the High Confessor to leave the island for good. Now to let DiMA know the job's done.
300Icon checkQuest CompletedIt's done. The new High Confessor is in place and peace has been restored to Far Harbor once again.
750Icon crossQuest Failed


  • Reformation is the only quest that will lead to peaceful endings between all factions on Far Harbor.
  • Completing the quest will instantly complete The Way Life Should Be.
  • Completing the quest is the only way to obtain Protector of Acadia perk.
  • Completing this quest can unlock the "Cleansing the Land" achievement, but only if the quest has been officially started and added to the journal (by going to the location of one of the two "faction-killing" items and fulfilling the corresponding objective in Best Left Forgotten). Completing DiMA's first memory, getting the evidence of his crime, and immediately beginning and completing "Reformation" will skip "Cleansing the Land" entirely, which is insufficient to unlock the achievement. If the quest is active, completing "Reformation" will then automatically complete "Cleansing the Land" regardless of how far that quest has progressed, which is the trigger for the achievement.
  • There is no penalty for killing Tektus after convincing him to flee.
  • The player character can inform DiMa that they convinced Tektus to flee but will accept the results anyway.
  • Witch Hunt is no longer available after telling High Confessor Tektus about the fake holotape. However, it removes him from the list of optional objectives for What Atom Requires, allowing that quest to complete immediately after dealing with him in the command center tunnels, if helping him was the final objective.
  • After completion, the Sole Survivor can still inform the Brotherhood or Institute of Acadia's existence, resulting in the destruction of Acadia and peace between Far Harbor and Church of the Children of Atom. This is the only way to achieve peace between the two and eliminate Acadia.
  • After completion, if the Sole Survivor has retained possession of the nuclear launch key, they can still blow up the Nucleus. Doing so will change NPC's dialogues to include conflicting statements about both establishing peace between the Children of Atom and Far Harbor as well as destroying the Children of Atom; most notably remarks made by the NPCs of Far Harbor. This will also cause the Sole Survivor to receive rewards from Allen Lee and Avery for destroying the Children of Atom and establishing peace respectively.
  • After killing Tektus and hiding the evidence, his body will disappear from the game. It will not be there even if the player character uses console commands to reach the area behind the now erected wall.
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