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The eastern and western reflector control terminal password are holotapes in Fallout: New Vegas. They are needed for the two terminals controlling the reflectors at the back of HELIOS One.


  • The western reflector terminal password is given by Fantastic after agreeing to try making a connection to the HELIOS mainframe.
  • Ignacio Rivas will hand over the eastern reflector control terminal password when offering to help. The password can also be acquired by pickpocketing him or picked up from a desk in his bedroom (also contains a D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine).
    • There is also a holodisk containing the password in a room on the upper floor of the same building, in the office area. It is on top of the desk.


Eastern reflector control terminal password


When converted to ASCII, the password reads: "My voice is my passport."

Western reflector control terminal password


When converted to ASCII, the password reads: "Too many secrets"

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Behind the scenes

The passwords are references to codes found in the film Sneakers.