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The Refined punga fruit is a consumable in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


It is a variant of the Wild punga fruit grown by Point Lookout's local tribals in the Ark & Dove cathedral. Unique to punga fruit, it has the ability to scrub radiation from the body as well as heal at the same time. The perk Punga Power! (achieved from the Mother Punga) increases the radiation healing effects, but does not affect its HP healing. The refined punga fruit, as opposed to its wild cousin, is a smooth pale yellow-green fruit.


  • 141 are found around the Ark & Dove cathedral:
    • One to the left of the initially barred entrance to the compound.
    • 55 from plants outside the church.
    • 83 from planters inside the church.
    • Two on the desk in the back of the church.
  • 10 are given to the player after completing the unmarked quest Tailing the Tomboy.
  • Can be purchased from Tobar.
  • Can be purchased from Capital Wasteland merchants after the Point Lookout add-on has been loaded.

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  • Refined punga fruit do not regrow after being picked.
  • Even though the punga plants look like they have 2 or 3 fruits, they will only yield one when you pick them.
  • The refined punga fruit is exported, as shown by the bartender Harris selling it in the Pitt. This is due to the item being added to the leveled list VendorChestFoodOnly by the script DLC04MQ01SCRIPT.


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