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"Gold Slouch"
And you thought mutants were diseased.Marcus

Redding is a mining town located southeast of the Den.


The center of gold mining, several larger political factions have lobbied for control of Redding to gain dominance in the gold trade. It is locked in the center of a power play between the three major power players of the NCR, New Reno, and Vault City.[Non-canon 1]

Marge LeBarge the owner of the Kokoweef Mine supports merging with the NCR. The Morningstar Mine run by "Dangerous" Dan McGrew is in favor of an alliance with New Reno. The third option is Vault City, advocated by "Painless" Doc Johnson. The Van Graffs are from the location and many people own ranches, such as Chief Hanlon and the Jamisons,[1][2][3]

The town is a collection of wooden buildings. The police force is small, relying on the Sheriff's charisma to maintain peace and order. There are two major mining companies in Redding, as well as a saloon and a doctor. The mayor of Redding, Ascorti, runs an establishment called Ascorti's Ace casino. Redding is home to hundreds of citizens, governed by a mayor and town council.[4] The town also offers the Malamute Saloon, Ascorti's Ace and City Hall run by the town's mayor, and a clinic run by Doc Johnson. The primary source of income for the town is raw materials excavated by Kokoweef and Morningstar mines, primarily gold.[5]


Redding can be found eleven squares east and eight squares south of Arroyo.


Great wanamingo mine Redding mining camp Molerat tunnels Wanamingo tunnels
Wanamingo tunnels
Redding Downtown Downtown tunnels


FO2 Redding Downtown.jpg

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The busiest and most populated part of Redding; pick your poison. The Malamute Saloon offers whoring, drinks, and a place to sleep (not recommended for light sleepers). Ascorti runs Ascorti's Ace and City Hall where you can gamble hard-earned caps away. There is law in Redding; out-of-towners and trouble-makers are kept in line by Sheriff Marion, who runs the city jail. If a night in the slammer isn't good enough for you, a visit to Painless Doc Johnson's should keep you in line.

Mining camp

FO2 Redding MiningTown.jpg

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The mining camp is the mines of the city of Redding and is divided into four major locations; the Kokoweef mine, the Morningstar mine, the Last Gasp Saloon, and the Mole Rat Mambo arena. Miners bunk in their employer's building, or in some of the coffins if they drink too much and go after the wanamingos.

The Molerat Mambo is popular with the locals. Place a bet if you're feeling lucky. Here you will find the Kokoweef mine, run by Marge LeBarge, and The Morningstar mine which is owned by Dan McGrew. After losing money betting on mole rats, head over to the Last Gasp Saloon for some interesting conversation and maybe a refreshment.

Great wanamingo mine

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Great wanamingo mine topside.png

The Great wanamingo mine is one of the gold mines in Redding. By 2241, it became inactive thanks to being infested with the alien-like wanamingos. Mayor Ascorti tries to coerce newcomers to Redding into buying a deed to the mine billing it as a great investment, $1000 for the richest mine in the town. In order to make any profit from the deed, some eradication is required.

Numerous entrances to the mine exist, including one inside a ripped-open grave. Travel within the mine is extremely precarious, as the wanamingos have extraordinary senses of perception and can detect intruders even through the walls of the mine, rushing in quickly to dispose of any interlopers.

The wanamingo mine has two levels and is rumored to contain explosives as well as special electronic chips within the rusting hulks of the mining machinery. The Morton brothers and their gang can be found here following the acceptance of the quest Kill Frog Morton from Sheriff Marion.


The tunnels below Redding Downtown

The Redding tunnels are a series of tunnels under Redding and are infested with rats and wanamingos. The tunnels are connected to the great wanamingo mine and other locations, like the Malamute Saloon, and Ascorti's Ace and City Hall.


  • Ascorti's pawnbroker, the cash tender at Ascorti's, has $1000-$5000 for trading. He doesn't sell actual supplies, however.
  • If quests for more than one end game faction have been completed before any point of no return, Cass mentions to the Courier that they are, "being courted more than a Redding widow."[6]
  • Dobson mentions being from Redding.[7]


Redding appears only in Fallout 2 and is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

  • Redding is a real world location of the same name.
  • The location is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.[Non-canon 2]



  1. The Courier: "I want to know more about the problem with Henry Jamison."
    Alice McLafferty: "The Jamisons are very wealthy ranchers back in Redding, California and significant investors in the Crimson Caravan Company. I was pressured into posting young Henry as the manager of the New Vegas branch. As you can see, he wasn't exactly cut out for the job. He was much more interested in gambling and prostitutes, and because of his family, I can't simply fire him. Henry needs to be convinced to quit, one way or another. I won't have a useless employee on the company payroll."
    (Alice McLafferty's dialogue)
  2. Fallout: New Vegas endings: "Due to the Courier's intervention, Chief Hanlon abandoned his plan to sabotage the defense of Hoover Dam. The rangers assisted the troopers admirably during the Legion's ill-fated attack. Though the Courier snatched victory from NCR, only General Oliver was blamed for the loss of Hoover Dam. Hanlon, exhausted after a lifetime of service to the NCR, stepped down from his position in the rangers and retired to his ranch in Redding."'
  3. The Courier: "What are you going to do now?"
    Trent Bascom: "I hear the Brahmin ranchers out in Redding are looking for some hard workers, so I might try there first. I hate working with Brahmin, though."
    (Trent Bascom's dialogue)
  4. Vault City travel log: "REDDING: Small mining community located west of Vault City. Redding trades gold ore for medical supplies from Vault City. All Vault Citizens are encouraged to exercise extreme caution when travellingIn-game spelling inside Redding, as the provincial miners are not strongly governed."

    "POPULATION: A census is unavailable, but Redding is believed to have hundreds of residents."
    "GOVERNMENT: Mayor and town council."
    "BACKGROUND RADIATION COUNT: Current readings are unavailable."
    "MUTATION RATE: Unknown, believed low."
  5. The Chosen One: "{292}{}{What do you sell here?}"
    Renesco: "{305}{}{I sell recreational drugs mostly. That's why they gave me that idiotic appellation, 'the Rocketman.' Hmmmph. I also sell some caravan supplies. You NEED anything or can I get back to something important?}"
    The Chosen One: "{308}{}{You sell drugs here in the STORE?}"
    Renesco: "{330}{}{(Renesco looks at you in disgust.) Yes. In the STORE. This isn't the 20th century where drugs are sold by street corner cockroaches who live in constant fear of the authorities.}"
    The Chosen One: "{331}{}{Well, then -}"
    Renesco: "{350}{}{This is NEW RENO. There are no cops, no law, and there's plenty of customers who don't mind buying poison at the pharmacy down the street. Does THAT answer your question, primate?}"
    The Chosen One: "{354}{}{But, like you said, the drugs are…poisonous. They kill the spirit. Doesn't it bother you to sell them?}"
    Renesco: "{365}{}{Does it BOTHER me to sell them to idiots, slavers, crime lords and tribals that the world would be better off without? Primate, three words: get out more.}"
    The Chosen One: "{368}{}{The drugs here in New Reno are finding their way to other places, and hurting people there. Doesn't that concern you?}"
    The Chosen One: "{377}{}{The human race suffered a horrible tragedy. Now we are trying to rebuild. Selling Jet seems…counterproductive to that reconstruction.}"
    Renesco: "{385}{}{So. What. No one is FORCING those idiots to inhale Jet. No one's going around and jamming it down their throats!}"
    The Chosen One: "{386}{}{Can I see -}"
    The Chosen One: "{387}{}{But don't -}"
    The Chosen One: "{388}{}{That is your -}"
    Renesco: "{395}{}{Those lamphead rock humpers in Redding KNOW what they're taking, so I don't feel a millimeter of pity for 'em! Far as I'm concerned, Jet weeds out the human trash that shoulda died when the bombs dropped!}"
    The Chosen One: "{398}{}{You mentioned Redding specifically. Why is Jet so prevalent in Redding?}"
    Renesco: "{410}{}{Well, Redding's a…special case. See, there's people in Reno who make sure Redding's well-supplied. After all, you taste Jet once, you're hooked. It's how I make MY living.}"
    The Chosen One: "{412}{}{Who is making sure Redding is well-supplied? And why?}"
    Renesco: "{420}{}{Well, tribal, I doubt you have the sense to notice this yet, but New Reno doesn't produce anything useful. It's like a big, brightly-lit prairie tick sitting out in the desert. Now, Redding, on the other hand…}"
    The Chosen One: "{421}{}{Go on.}"
    Renesco: "{440}{}{Redding has a stable work force that mines raw materials, mostly gold. New Reno sure could use that gold. Somebody figures all we gotta do is get those miners addicted, and we got 'em for life. You understand now?}"
  6. Cass: "First Vegas, now NCR and Legion? You're being courted more than a Redding widow."
    (Cass' dialogue)
  7. Courier: "Who are you?"
    Dobson: "Dobson's my name. I'm an NCR Ranger, operating out of Camp McCarran north of here. Redding man by birth, though."
    (Dobson's dialogue)


  1. Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets p.179: "Redding
    Redding has been repopulated for only a few years now, and it still has a Western-gold-town feel to it. Two major gold mines in town ship their ore to Vault City, New Reno, and the NCR. In a way, rough-and-ready Redding is the golden goose being squeezed-gently but firmly-between the three big cities that want the golden eggs all to their own."
  2. Fallout Bible 0 Timeline repair: Second strike:
    "2241 January The first samples of Jet begin to arrive in Redding, courtesy of the Mordino family."
    "2241 February Vault City rejects offers of an alliance with both the Bishop family of New Reno and NCR."
    "2241 March Raider attacks on caravans to Vault City begin."
    "2241 The worst dry season in many years causes a drought in the Northern California area, hurting crops and brahmin in both Arroyo and Modoc."