The red flight helmet is a piece of headwear in Fallout 4.


It provides a Damage Resistance of 2 and an Energy Resistance of 5. It is fairly rare compared to the yellow flight helmet variant. It takes up all available equipment spaces on the head, preventing anything else from being worn.



  • Sold by some merchants, notably KL-E-0.
  • Can also be found under a crashed plane on an island near Salem.
  • Can also be found on the upper highway between Cambridge Police Station and Graygarden in the pilot seat of the crashed vertibird hanging off the side. (Go under the right side of the highway to reach a lift.)


  • Facial hair is not rendered through the glass faceplate, making your character appear clean shaven.
  • Upon close inspection, one can make out the rims of the BOS hood inside the helmet when it is worn by someone.
  • Both the red and brown flight helmets were most likely used by the U.S. Military due to its presence on the cover of Tesla Science: Giant Super Weapons magazine, and the location inside the crashed Vertibird and plane.


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