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The Red Scare Power Armor has everything it needs to crush the capitalists.Atomic Shop description

Red Scare paint is a weapon, armor, and workshop object paint scheme in Fallout 76.


The skin changes the appearance of the items entirely, regardless of the item to which it is applied. The power armor paint includes unique sound effects and music that occur while entering the armor as well as while engaging enemies.


Power armor

Power Armor Paintjobs
Red Scare Atom
Excavator power armor
Raider power armor
T-45 power armor
T-51 power armor
T-60 power armor
T-65 power armor
Ultracite power armor
X-01 power armor
Atx skin powerarmor paint redscare l.png

Red Scare power armor skin


Other Paintjobs
Red Scare Atom
Jet pack
Atx skin powerarmor jetpack redcommunist l.webp


  • Red Scare power armor and jetpack paint debuted in the "Communism Returns!" Atomic Shop bundle for 1 - 14001400 Atomic Shop.
  • The Red Scare jetpack is crafted separately from the paint job.
  • As of patch 30, Red Scare paint also appears on the communist commissar non-player character.

Behind the scenes

  • Chris Ortega created concept art for the armor.[Non-canon 1]
  • Some objects include Chinese characters, written and translated as 美 (America) 帝 (Empire) 必 (Must) 败 (Lose).


Concept art



  1. Chris Ortega: "Fallout76 Communist power armor concepts. I guess these have been in game for a while. These were super fun to do, I was pretty bummed that they didn’t want to use the one with the built in hat."
    Chris Ortega on Instagram