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Red Rocket Mega Stop is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2102. It is a public workshop with claim and defend event quests.


Opened in May 2076 as an almost completely automated rest and repair stop on the juncture of Interstates 63 and 66, the Mega Stop prided itself on the fleet of customized Protectrons, fitted with the Red Rocket Cores to ensure the highest possible quality of service. Despite the grand promises, reality proved to be a harsh mistress, as the Protectrons were routinely malfunctioning and required weekly wipes and diagnostic to remain functional. Interestingly, in an example of how "efficient" corporate America was before the War, purchasing a new Protectron was cheaper than repairing a damaged one, so Red Rocket employees at the Mega Stop were encouraged to retire malfunctioning units, rather than send them in for repairs. The only concern was that the proprietary Red Rocket Core was recovered intact for reuse.[1] Another claim to fame of the rest stop was a fully automated kitchen that utilized bio-engineered ingredients to create "perfect" burgers,[2] as well as the sale of slushies at the Mega Stop, one of the newest flavors being Nuka-Cola.[3]


Red Rocket Mega Stop is a large rest stop along highway 59 at the far east end of the map. The stop has two refueling stations and two truck stops, as well as a mechanic's garage. The rest stop is currently abandoned with numerous ruined cars still parked at the gas stations. The most iconic structure of this stop is a large sign tower showing what the stop features. In the back is a robot that patrols around the junk pile.

Notable lootEdit

  • Lucy Harwick's note - Note, on the counter of the Red Rocket gas station.
  • Red Rocket please stop - Note, on a clipboard, on the counter of the dining area.
  • Movie pitch #5 - Holotape, in a roofless teal sports car in a northeastern parking spot. Can be looted if car is destroyed.
  • Random recipe - In the dining area, behind the counter in the kitchen's middle table on the far left corner.
  • Stuffed polar bear - Can also be found on top of the roof of the smaller station.


Red Rocket Mega Stop appears only in Fallout 76.



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